Friday, December 29, 2006

Urban Night Ride

Manged an urban night ride last night. Met up with a steady paced group with some HBW fellows. A group of six met up around 6:40pm on the Riverfront Park. Heading along the Three Rivers Greenway out toward the Cayce area. Plans were to check out Old State road for some lightning fast dirt road action. The pace was whipped up quick. The road consists of one turn in a 4mi. stretch. Turn around at the pavement out near I-26 & Dixiana, then haul ass back for another 4mi interval. The pace was great for a crusing type interval. Behind Russ & Paul it's like a comfy motor pace. Returning back into town along the TRG.

If you ever get the chance to ride the TRG @ night go for it. It is an amazing ride. Imagime a concrete path about 5' wide that twists & turns along the banks of the Congaree River. Now strap on some light and rip through the park. The winter time is the best time for this because the pedestrians are minimal. Bring along a friend and test your skills with someone on your wheel.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays, the ample amounts of food and the many miles of travel.

This weekend of festivities is enough to tax any endurance athlete. For me I'm just glad to have survived. Lateley the riding has been slow and when I do ride that's slow too. For now it's base miles and honey-do's. Planning on the New Year's Day Ride around Lake Murray come 1/01. It will be hopefully 55-60mi of slow to medium pace riding amongst friends. Also looking to hit the trails up in Newberry on Sunday. This could be a last ride blow-out for '06. What better way to blow something out than on some singletrack with a 29er single speed bike.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So the four day weekend was a welcome sight especially with great weather. What better time to start on the base mileage for the '07 season. Giving thanks for the food and family, but don't forget thanks for the four day weekend and the opportunity for Quality Saddle Time.

Last winter I started riding my Raleigh C700 hybird for a change of pace. This bike has went through many transformation in it's history. Currently the Raleigh-aah has been limited to eight gears. Running a 42t road ring up front combined with a 12x28 in the rear. After this weekends 4hr journey through Western Lexington Co. dirt roads, I think the combination will suite me just fine. The Raleigh will also dub as my winter road bike. There is no need for aerodynamics in the winter, it's all about comfort. I'm in the mood for dirt roads.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Caboose Effort

The final race of the '06 season is in the books. Last weekends finale at the Harrisburg stxc was not the best highlight of the season. Let me take you through my day. First off, I was scheduled to teach a 75min. cycle class at Health Directions, this was to start at 9am. As I instructed the class through several standing efforts I tried to hold my temptation to surge and make the class painful for all including myself. Knowing that I needed a strong ride in the single speed class to clinch a 3rd overall for the series. Saving energy here could save me later in the day. Finishing up the class around 10:15 didn't leave me much time for breakfast/lunch. Plus I still had a 2hr drive to north Charlotte. Realizing the ss race was not in the cards as far as time goes. I had to sacrifice myself to the wolves in the expert class - on a single rigid.

I felt better knowing I would have two teammates in the field as well. Jaime & Monty both made the trip up to the race. Monty's first stxc and Jaime was trying to seal a 3rd overall in the expert field. Knowing I had nothing to win or loose, I told Jaime that I would work for him in what ever fashion he needed. I was helpless to the geared speed demons. As the race started very fast I was put into the caboose position. Now that I had an hour of not wanting to be lapped was driving me to keep pushing every second of the trail. By the halfway point I had made up a few places but really who's counting. The finish couldn't have come any sooner. I was beat, but I did hold off the field with the exception of 1&2.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swamp Sweat

A very chilly start to Saturday morning, around 27* at some point along I26. Luckily I was able to get Monty & Lauren to caravan down to the race. The Swamp Sweat XC race brought out a small race crowd consisting of mostly local Charleston riders and Naval folk, a very laid back group of bike racers. Marrington Plantation is located in the Naval base area in Goose Creek, SC. Marrington Plantation is a flat course with plenty of turns. There were more twists and turns to confuse anyone who might be new to the area (i.e. me). Trails were in great shape hard packed and well groomed, made for a fast fast very fast 26mi race.

It has been some time since I lined up for a normal XC effort. Knowing it would be much faster than I'm use to so I had to go into a mind set that fast was the word for the day. It helped that Monty was super ampted to be mixing it up with expert racers, this cat is fast anyway. Flat out along a paved road for the first mile, enough to stretch thing out early. Right turn onto a grass road where the first selections were made. Monty surged into 3rd while I sat in around 8th with the lead group of 8. Gaps started to develop in the pace line, so the need to move up hit me. Passed a slower rider then two now I was trapped out of the line. Oh yeah I'll show you bastards - how about an attack to blow this thing wide open.

Dropping into the first section of single track leading Monty & two locals. The Hammer had officially fallen out of my pocket. I'm kidding I dropped it on purpose. About two minute into the trail - word was passed up that a crash had taken several riders down and our gap was growing quick. It helped that we were rolling over 15+ mph at the time. I could feel Monty breathing down my neck, he was itching to turn the screws tighter. I pulled over and let him take the lead. Around mile 4 Monty snagged a pedal on a root going into a corner and yard sale time. Barely missing him we cleared and proceeded on I was trying to slow our pace a touch to allow him to catch back on.

First mistake of the race was not letting the locals led once Monty hit the deck. I was powering out of every turn to find another turn coming. My smoothness was not there. So about another mile missed a tight right hander and found myself in the jungle. Just like a damn rookie w/ too much caffeine.

First to third and a gap growing every second I'm playing in the bushes. So now into chase mode. Monty eventually catches me, and the team effort continues again till he drops me. Solely due to lack of training, just thought I needed to add some type of excuse. So now riding the trail solo had no idea where or how far I had to go. So in true racer form I lowered my head and continued to bury myself for the the pure fun of it.

Feeling the end of lap 1 was near I glanced over as those being chased often do, I saw a rider closing in on me. Damn was the first of many thoughts. A few more shoulder checks later - "dang that looks like Monty". Yeah Monty took several wrong turns on a course that had minimal markers on it. I to took several questionable turns, but managed to take the right way out.

Now back in tandem for the start of the second lap. Monty was fired up and I was happy to still be up in the front of the race. Monty soon made me look like a rookie again with enough accelerations to crack me. Now into survival mode, just hold off the charging pack of riders who were surely looking for us. With about 3mi to the end a rider catches me and I would hang onto him as long as I could. With about a mile left of single track I lost his wheel and watched as he rode up the trail. Finally the paved road back into the finish with no one on my 6. The last guy only put like a minute on me. I'll take a 5th place.

1. Justin Fisher 1:41:48
2. Scott Miner 1:41:53
3. Monty DuBose 1:45:25
4. Steve Brown 1:45:46
5. Toby Porter 1:46:47
6. Mitchell Clement 1:50:45
7. Luke Wilson 1:53:40
8. Mike Harrington 1:55:20
9. Greg Scott 1:58:09
10. Don Brion 2:00:47
11. Chris Mackenzie 2:07:24
12. Craig Pellitier 2:18:37

Also a thanks to Brian H for the pre-ride and some insight as to the land. Check is site at spokejunky

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


To the lucky bidders. It is amazing what people will buy, especially the folks in the cycle community. They always say one mans junk is another mans treasure. True in deed, as a cyclists with plenty of old parts lying around I know how frustrating it can be to work on a project bike and run out of spare parts. Especially if it needs that old school charm. Still have a Raleigh road frame for sale. Enough of the peddling pedal parts - Let's leave that there.

Racing of a different beast for me this past weekend - it's Nascar bo. E & I made the journey west to Hot Lanta for the 33rd stop in the Nextel Cup Series. This was my 2nd venture into the land of extremely high octane, speed & burning rubber. A great time to be had, just the amount of people and it's huge diversity amongst them all. The ultimate stop for unique people watching.

Nascar note to self on advertising for your sponsors. They have that trick nailed. Maybe for next season I'll polish myself to a tee and slap stickers all over for my few sponsors. To make other notice I'll also make loud noises and take left turns all day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ebay Bound

If interested I'm trying to thin out some cycling stuff.

* Campy Athena BB vintage late 80's still in the original box.
Item for an old school campy fans. SOLD

* Thompson Elite seatpost 28.6mm x 410mm SOLD

* Raleigh Prestige Road Frame 55cm. Aluminum / Carbon frame w/ Carbon fork,
Headset, F. Der Braze on clamp, Campy Athens seatpost included.

* A pair of Kenda Nevegal 26x2.10 Tires. Brand Spankin New. SOLD

* A box of Time Mag Eq road pedals - 3 sets SOLD

* A box of 1" quill road stems, Salsa Cromo 100mm some rise, ITM cromo 120mm,
Syncros Alum. 120mm SOLD

* Bontrager cranks 175mm taken from a single speed, could be used for 2 rings
useage. ISIS compatible SOLD

* Hayes HFX9 hydraulic Brakes Set SOLD

If interested make in any item me an offer, save me the time from ebay.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Worlds Report

October 6-7, 2006
World 24hr Solo Championship
Conyers International Horse Park, Conyers Ga.

Lap 1: Lemans start was as uncomfortable as ever. Pacing started early for me, case in point the run, just trying to settle into my pace as quick as I could. Saddled up on my back–up bike (X-Caliber) looked up and one long line of riders all the way from solo pit row up to the start of the single track. This was going to be fight all the way around the first lap or two.
Constantly jockeying for a better position, this can really turn your screws early and waste valuable energy. So after settling into a pace I was somewhat comfy with, I notice some play in the cranks on my bike. Having had a loose crankarm before I knew this was going to be a fixer upper on the trail. Luckily I had some form a multi tool on me. Not the correct tool for the job but something that would work. So twice I had to stop and tighten the crankarm. Plus I took a digger in some soft sand and flopped around like a dead roach. With my pride stuffed back in my back pocket I continued back to my pit. Having lost at least 10min. on my main rivals would be more mental than physical to overcome.

Lap 2-6: What can I say? Plans change, with no real mechanical help for the race I had to access the damage on the X-Cal and decide quickly what to do. I had to go ahead and hop onto my primary bike early. Plans were to ride the X-Cal for at least 3-4 laps. This was an effort to make T-dog a bit more aggressive. Oh well onto the full suspension for the next 22hrs. Putting that fiasco behind me I settled into my own pace and started turning out consistent laps.
As always Erin was in charge of the pit with the help of her mother (Lynn). They kept me topped off Hammer Nutrition and moral support. Nutrition was spot on for the race, using a variety of Hammer Nutrition products (ex. Race Caps, Anti Fatigue, Endurolytes, HEED, Sustained Energy, Hammer Gel @ Hammer Bars) plus the occasional splash of Red Bull.
Around 6 pm concerned moments of mental stability. I came into the pit cross-eyed and bit confused. I couldn’t explain it I just wanted to go and lay down in the hotel across the street. “Suck it up and get, get on now, get up outta here” Erin. If you act like a dog you will be treated like a dog. After looking back on the race the six hour mark was a huge barrier for me to get over. Considering that was the longest ride I had completed since July. Other than that I have able to get about six hours a week. Yeah now I got 18 hours to go. Currently riding in 4th place about 30 minutes back on 2nd and 3rd.

Laps 7-12: This would put me out around midnight, the half way point. These laps went by fast. Pace was right where I wanted to see it. Lights had to be up and running around 7 p.m. The night laps are always a test in there own right. With the course conditions being very dry and dusty, made for difficult riding. The dust was so bad you could not see all the dips, rocks and roots that littered the trail. Let’s just call them hidden dangers. I’ve never experienced conditions like this, where the trail had a bright glow about it, almost like a glare. I’ve always banked on my abilities to ride well at night. Generally speaking this is I can usually make time on my rivals.

Laps 13-18: This would have run me through the graveyard shift, now just ticking the laps over. Game plan was to pit every other lap. This plan was to strike fear into my rivals. From a pit person’s perspective at 3am if a rider is turning out consistently fast laps they tend to get worried. This also worked well giving Erin a chance to sleep a bit. Temps were dropping all night long rumors of high 40’s. Uncomfortable for sitting in the pit waiting for your crazy ass husband to come around with some off the wall demands. So as Erin was sleeping I would rummage through the pit looking for any and everything to eat. So as for the race around sunrise when Erin awoke she gave me some info that I had moved from 4th to 2nd throughout the night. With the rhythm on and enthusiasm high I finally felt like Toby.

Laps 19-21: Sunrise was and always is a very welcome sight in a 24hr solo race. No more lights and time ticking down. With just under 6 hour of racing left I had to focus on finishing strong. Dreams of pancakes and eggs filled my thoughts as my stomach cried out for fuel. Pulled into the pit and what ya see but a plate of cold leftover breakfast someone hasn’t finished. “Hey ya gonna finish that, na I don’t need a fork I got fingers.” Oh yeah the race my pit crew all rested and excited informed me that I had ridden myself into 2nd place over the night. Yeah for me now can someone make a run to MickyD’s for more pancakes and eggs? Forget visions of sugar plums lets talk pancakes. Inspired that they will be waiting on the next lap I quickly busted out two hotish laps. So close to the finish with the win out of my grasp I just slipped into survival mode. With pancakes waiting I took my last break to scarf down breakfast and even teased The Stick with a floppy one.

Able to complete another lap or two I loose count. I crossed the line for the last time at 11:07 with 21 laps officially sitting in 2nd place in the 30-34 age group.

Mission accomplished I impressed my own self by not breaking down at the 6 hour mark. Completing 21 just 1 lap off my all time lap record set back in ’03. I would like extend a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH to my sponsors Harrell’s Bicycle World, Garmin Navigation Systems, Paul & Bryan for the lights. If it weren’t for great friends and loyal sponsors none of this would have been possible. Till Next Time.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another 2nd Place

Howdey Folks - Just wanted to post a quick recap of this past weekend's event. First things first another 2nd place in the Worlds 30-34 age group. Completing 21 laps in 23:07 @ 8mi a pop. So 168mi off road was not to shabby for someone who has been reduced to training about 6hrs a week. Thanks to my 6am cycle class for making me get up and attend classes. Surprisingly I'm not that badly damaged.

Somehow my body was spared from the rough course over in Georgia. Give me a couple days to get caught up and I'll get a full report out to ya. Till then


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Interesting Link

This could be an interesting link throughout the race if your interested or bored.

Down the Shoot

T minus 50hrs till the dreaded Lemans Sprint. This will start the 2006 24hr World Solo Championships in Conyers GA.

Packing & planning are in the works as we speak. Last minute upgardes and minor repairs are in the works. Thanks to Harrell's for the spare rocket. Now I will be aboard two 29er. One full suspension and a hardtail for a spare. This should be a good approach for opening up the race on the lighter hardtail and bit more aggresive. For this is the only way to weed through the lap traffic.

I will try my best to update this blog during the race. This will be the first race we are taking the laptop w/ wireless access, so stay tuned.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Remember Me

Howdey Folks -

I'm sure everyone has been wondering where in the world has Toby been hiding. So thanks for the concern. Reason for the lack of post, well I've been a touch busy lately. Started taking land surveying classes. Four nights a week, and of course after an 8+ hour day. Yeah time management is the key and yet time management is not my forte. Hell of a change, but it should be worth it. I'll bore ya'll with that later.

As far as riding goes it's been off and on. My buddy Nye from Asheville approached me with the opportunity to roll onwith Team Green at the 24hr of Pisgah. This was a welcomed change for me since the last time I competed on a team of any sorts was like '98 or something. After the many hours of riding solos at 3am I've often wondered how fun the team thing would be.

It turned out to be just what I needed. Now that the 24hr Worlds is just on the horizon and it will be the first 24 I've raced in this season. I needed that midnight and 3am ride time. Mixed in with some sleep deprivation it turned out to be a good call. On the weekend, I believe I got in 8 laps. Riding them two at a time put me in race mode for a good hour & half. All laps completed on the single speed. What an awesome workout - no slacking off. Team Green finished off 12th of 40 teams and we screwed off as much as possible. I believe someone even had to drag Nye from his tent at 2am for his laps.

So now what you ask. Well with the Worlds beginning in a week the packing hopefully starts soon. Bike prep and nutrition lined up for the week. Find some lights and batteries - hopefully my buds are going to come through for me again like all the other times they have been there. I'll try to get back at the blog this week to let loose more details -till then.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

spinning it out

Howdey Folks out there in bicycle land, Just wanted to say cooler weather makes you want to ride. Lately just thinking that cooler temps are right around the corner is driving me to the road. I'm trying to get the endurance sticks back to feeling great at 4-5 hours at a serving. PLanning on a lake ride in the morning, Loooking forward to the nice steady pace of an edurance out in the sticks of Lex, Saluda & Newberry Co. Good stuff but you have to get out early to beat the boaters. Just when you think boating could be dangerous. You have to dodge them on the road too. Ok I'm done


Saturday, August 12, 2006

An Offical Myspace HO

Not much going on right now. Just watching the rain drops on a saturday. Still training for the 24hrWSC in October. Thing have quite with the heat, it appears no one really want to ride in the heat. I don't blame them, I've been riding some in the late evenin finsihing up in the dark. Anyway I've been on myspace after E signed me up to compete against her friend. I've been dragged in and damnit I'm addicted. So if you have a myspace site look me up.


Monday, July 31, 2006

A Normal Weekend

Finally a normal weekend of riding. This was the first time in some month or so, I was able to get out on the bike for 2+ hours in a row. Yeah for me. Man it was hotter than? No No HUMID is the word! Anyway since I signed up for the Worlds as they call it - I must focus. You know kinda like the young grasshopper or daniel son.

Congrats to the finisher of the National 24hr race this past weekend in WI. Sounds like they had so crazy weather that shortened the race. But Chris E. from the Trek team still did some damage on the solo field. It looks like the 4 of the top 5 solo elites will be in Conyers for the race in Oct. That should be interesting. Gots to get back to work before my boss gets back in the office.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

About damn time

Ok OK OK - I'll post something new. I have been politely asked to refresh this blog. Or the Hasleholf pics will be spread like wild fire.

The only exciting news I have, is that I've signed up for the 24hr. Worlds in Conyers GA. The event will be Oct. 6th weekend. After looking at the calendar that Saturday night is a full moon. That is always a cool thing.

After ORAMM my enthusiasm for riding hasn't been all that great. This week finally got back on the bike. Today I went out for an easy and very humid road ride. Yeah dammit a road ride.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

back at it

After this sunday's showing of sub par of climbing skills.
I might need to take up the UCI sport of Cycle-ball or maybe artistic cycle dance something or another.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HBW Blog

Hey Folks not a whole lot going on except for the Kitchen remodel. Just wantd to put out a site for the Harrell's folks.

Hit it and use it.


Monday, June 19, 2006


Howdey Folks - its' been a while since my last post. Many have asked and if you were wondering about the 24hr of Big Bear. I pulled a U-turn on I77 just outside of Blythwood enroute to WV. Reason - well lets just say I wasn't into it mentally 100% nor physically. With a 9+ hr. drive ahead of me and doubt lingering into my psyche, I felt it was in my best interest.

Now 12 days later looking back it's probably one of the better decisions I've made in some time. Ten 24's & 3 12 hr solos with no DNF's. That's a streak I don't want to disturb. So now refreashed with some time off the bike. I've been pondering my next adventure. Will it be Cowbell 12hr Challenge or a recon ride for Off-road Assault on Mt.Mitchell. It will be a tough decision but a long mtb ride is in my future.

Till then

Saturday, May 27, 2006

12hr Tsali Report

photo courtesy of

May 20, 2006
12hr. of Tsali, Bryson City NC

Tsali was all the challenge I thought it would be. Running fully solo for the first time was the biggest challenge of the weekend. My fitness was great and all I had to do was stay focused and steady. I really had nothing to lose; it’s a tester for the 24 in June.

The race started with the typical LeMans run uphill about 150yd. I stayed steady and didn’t max myself out for a change, then onto the Rig for the opening 2.5 mile fire road climb. The Rig forced me to ride more aggressively than I normally race these events. Due to wet conditions it turned out to be a great move. The constant rattle of chain suck and muttered cursing filled the woods in the early laps.

Finally by lap 4ish the course began to dry out. By this time I started to notice my pace had slowed, especially on the climbs. Which by now, I was forced to walking the bigger climbs. If I kept this up I would sure to be passed by the leaders. Still I had no idea of my placing. I managed 5 laps on the 29er SS running a 32x18 before retiring it for more gears.
Stopping only at my pit for pre-made bottles of HEED and Sutained Energy mixed with flasks of hammer gel. By lap 6 I was rolling on my Sugar292. Steadily racing into the afternoon the clouds began to roll into the area. With brief flickers of lightning and rumbles of thunder, you could begin to smell to rain a coming.

Upon completion of lap 6 the Swain County Rescue Service called a halt to the race due to 60mph winds and hail storms in close proximity. This was the first chance to chat with the race leaders on the overall. It seems as though Tiny T. could be in the top five (that was my goal). This delay was about an hour forty in length, but luckily for me only about 40 minutes. This was just enough time to seize up.

Restarts SUCK and this was no exception. I managed one more lap before having to stop for lights. Soon after sunset the sky filled with clouds again. This time it brought rain heavy at times but it would remain falling till the 11th hour. It quickly turned to sticky mud that brings havoc to your drivetrain. By laps 8 or 9 this mud turned from sticky to slicky. Traction was an issue and to top it off the fog was getting heavier by the minute.

Finally lap 10 and the leaders had not passed me, this was a great sign. So I had to be on the lead lap – Yeah. Not bad for 11 hours of riding and some quick math to figure that one out. Completing the race in 10ish hours with 10 laps for 110mi. This put me about 17 minutes off the winning pace. I will settle for a third place finish. results

Thanks to all my sponsors Harrell's Bicycle World, Hammer Nutrition & Garmin
Till next time folks Happy Trails

Sunday, May 21, 2006

12hr Tsali

It's official 3rd place at Tsali. Stay tuned for race report.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ready to race

For the first time in awhile,I'm feeling good about my fitness, truely ready to race. Goal for this weekends 12hr is to go non stop. The real trick will be to do this without a support crew. Call it a personal challenge. After seeing Rob L run completely solo at 24HOA in Conyers last Oct. I was truely impressed to see him finish 2nd overall solo. If successful after Tsali this should build great confidence for June's 24hr solo.

Happy Trails Folks

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prep Time

Short post for now, just trying to get things in line for the 12hr at Tsali this weekend. Fitness is coming around, after two centuries in the past two weekends. Shocking the system into endurance mode. Weather is looking good for Sat. but rainy through the week. I'm sure this will bring out the mountain enduros. The rest of this week should be easy trying to recover and hopefully have fresh legs for sat.


Friday, May 05, 2006

First Shop Ride

Not a whole lot going on. Race plans have changed, in that I will not be going to the dirty spoke 12hr this weekend in GA. Didn't feel as though I was ready. So now I'm just trying to ramp up my endurance in hopes of being ready for 12hr. Of Tsali (5/20). Trying to get in as much saddle time as possible.

Last night was my first Harrells shop ride of the season. It was as hard as expected - plenty of animals (J) out on the road. I must have missed the normal warmup, by the time I joined the group (Damon, Selix, Jaime, Chris) - our warmup consisted of rollers up Kennerly rd. @ 22mph. Not little chain ring needed. This is good, go ahead and set in the fatigue before the real accelerations start.

Once the shop group showed @ like 6:45 it was go time, mainly from the initial warmup group. Apparently I missed the memo on the early attack at Kennerly rd, so Peter and I had to chase the fast group down. I still haven't figured out - Is it harder to chase down a group of fast riders or go with them at the initial attack?

So about 3mi. Later we caught back up. Just a few baby chunks to show for the effort, but a great interval. This would happen once more on the ride back towards Shady Grove rd. Dropped of the back but fought my way back to the group with Gabe this time. Stick a fork in me cause I'm done. Good thing its mostly down hill back on Kennerly. So by the last big hill on Kennerly I just sat up and took it easy back to Harbison SP. These two a days can really put the hurt on ya.

P.S. - I'll weight my 1994 steel DeRosa this weekend, so you fellas with the 16lbs bikes can feel better about dropping me on the hills.

Happy trails folks

Friday, April 28, 2006

Harbison XC

April 23, 2006
"Race to the River" presented by Friends of Harbison SF
Harbison State Forest, Irmo SC

The annual "Race to the River" @ Harbison was a great outing for "Team Harrell's Bicycle World". The team managed 4 of the top 5 spots in Expert & 3 of the top 4 in the Sport field. Even taking overall victory in both fields (Russ - expert / Monty - sport). So overall a good showing for the only local XC race in the midlands. There was a 7 rider field for the experts. Harrell's riders made up 60% of the field, and it was expected to be a conservative start.

Except I was ready to go and stretch the group out. So I gassed it from the start and had the field all stretched out. I'm usually on the other end of this train in most cases, but it felt great being in the front and pushing the pace. In past races I've been stuck in traffic and gaped right away and that wasn't going to happen again. So by the first major hill (the switchback), only Russ (closet trainer) and Gary (Charleston guy) were in tow. I needed to catch my breath. So Russ & Gary took over the lead. Russ immediately started to hit the gas on the switchback then into spider woman trail.

Spider Woman is the most technically challenging trail Harbison SP has to offer the local mountain biker. This short but difficult trail is very reminiscent of Pisgah area riding. This was defiantly going to be the deciding factor of the race. Plus the experts had to complete two passes of Spider Woman. I was told later that this was where Russ dropped the hammer on the rest of the field to seal the deal for victory.

Settling into my own pace staying hydrated and fueled with Hammer gel. Patience paid off, it took me about an hour to make up the minute gap on second place. Now into second place all I wanted was to stay here. Happy that Russ was winning, I had no desire to chase him down. Knowing that my family and friends were all waiting at the finish was inspiring to keep the pace going and challenge myself to keep racing up to the line.

Next race is 4/30 in Clemson SC, for the 4th stop of the South Eastern Regional Championship Series. So hopefully the rain will hold off for the event because it's nothing but red clay in the town of orange.

Till then folks happy trails,

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

30th B-Day

Howdey folks ,
It's the day "tiny-T" turns three-O as of 6:00a.m. I celebrated with my 6am cycle class. The 8 folks who showed this morning were treated with a standing climb that lasted 30 minutes. This topped thier standing record set back 11/25/05 of 22 minutes. Great effort put forward, so now they have new bragging rights, and I got a great workout. Where else can you get in a standing effort of that duration. Just wanted to share that with ya. Gotta get to work now.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Out riding

Finally a somewhat normal weekend for riding. Normal being riding both saturday & sunday two hours or more. {Yippy for me;~) } Saturday was a typical 2hr. stroll through Harbison forrest on the geared bike. This ride was a prep for next weekends race @ Harbison. Speaking of race - Harbison XC race 4/23/06 next sunday races start at 10am and go through 12ish. Come out and support your local trails.

Yesterday, I got out on the hybird bike for some 2hr. of paved/dirt mix riding. This has turned out to be my favorite type of riding lately. The hybird is basicly a road bike with wider tires. This makes for more resistance on the pavement, with some more comfort and control in the dirt. Great training tool if you find yourself in a crunch for time to train. On this bike I find myself exploring more, seeking out the rougher roads and hitting any dirt road I come across. I've even dubbed the bike "Detour" this seems to be an appropriate name. Every ride seems to make a detour to less traveled places.

Happy Trails Folks,

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Personal inspiration for training

Needing some personal inspiration for training, I pulled up an old race report from last years 24hr Big Bear race. Since now I have this blog thing I though I would share with whom ever is out there. This type of motivation can go a long way.

June 18-19, 2005
Big Bear Campground, Hazelton WV
24 hours of Big Bear (Granny Gear)

It has been a slow season thus far with a sideline injury for a couple of months this spring, and not being able to race the two pre-season 12 hour races originally planned, put a damper on the beginning of the season. Thursday, June 16th we headed up to Big Bear, West Virginia which was surprisingly only a 7 hour drive from Columbia.

On Friday (E&I) went to the race site, and I was able to reconnect with an old friend, Cameron Chambers from Great Bend Kansas that I first met in British Columbia for the Worlds and have since kept in touch. We pre-rode the course together and noticed that there were plenty of slick rock gardens, slow grinding climbs (1630'+ climbing per lap) and high speed descents on the 12.19 mile course. In addition to the challenging course there were several pro riders registered for the solo division including: Cameron Chambers (Gary Fisher/Subaru) who recently won the 24 hour National Solo Championships, Mark Hendershot (Santa Cruz/Syndicate) and last years winner and local rider Ernesto Marenchin (SpeedGoat/Asylum). These three riders finished in the top ten at the 2004 World Solo Championships. Along with a handful of other riders that were also World Solo Qualifiers like Jonathon Kinding and Steve Schwartz, the competition was going to be tough, but a real chance to prove myself.


Calmly lining up for the start, ready for another 24hr. beat down. Ready or not it's time to run. The opening LeMans run (sprint) is never a favorite of any rider, especially in carbon fiber sole shoes. I lost about five minutes on the first lap getting stuck behind the overzealous team riders bottle necking at the start of the single track. I was able to elbow my way through some team riders and passed about 30 more on the trail. Running on pure adrenaline and way above my lactate threshold, I managed to make my way up to around 25th overall by the end of lap one. Ten minutes off the solo pace, I began to settle into my own pace and prepare for a long day and night in the saddle.

With the race briskly under way, the next task was to get fluids and calories down and keep the tank topped off. The opening laps were taking around ~1:30 to complete. The bottles of Accelerade were only lasting about :30 min. I should have communicated this to Erin (pit crew/wife) earlier; but caught up in the race I failed to. I was stopping midway during the laps at the hydration tents to refill my bottles. Most 24 hour races have 45 to 60 minute lap times, but since this loop was longer and more technical than other races I have done in the past I needed to carry twice the amount of fluids & food with me, which is something we learned after a few laps. Grabbing up calories and additional fluids at the start of every lap would be my saving grace. This was actually one of the first races I was able to eat and drink the whole race, without feeling sick, but some other riders were not as lucky.


There is no way to fully prepare yourself for the night laps at a 24hr. race, but this is when I am usually able to make up time on the rest of the field. I was using NiteRider lights on my helmet and handlebar. Luckily Mark Roberts let me borrow his helmet light and I was greatly appreciative, without it we would have had trouble keeping enough batteries charged to make it all the way through the night hours. I moved up from 6th place to 4th place overnight with only one 27 minute break to change my wet clothing I was able to gain a good bit of time on the rest of the field. I had one trip over the handlebars at about 2 a.m. and got an up-close look at West Virginia’s soil composition. Fatigue was starting to settle in, especially in my hands and back, so I slowed the pace a little bit to prevent any injuries, and decided to just keep to forward momentum.


The sunrise is always a welcome event in a 24hr. race. I was so happy it was up; although I unconsciously decided to take a quick cat nap while riding. Yeah this is a real talent I have not mastered. Quickly realizing I was fading I had to snap back into it. There were only 6 more hours to go. Stopping for a brief moment to scarf down a greasy blueberry muffin and a red bull for breakfast, I was feeling much better. I began to fill a bit rejuvenated and tried to hold the wheels of passing team riders for some pick ups in my pace. This helped me lap some other solo riders, which would give me a little assurance for the closing hours of the race.


Upon completion of my 11th lap, Erin informed me that Chambers and Hendershot had decided not to complete any more laps. This would put me in third if I would complete two more laps with out getting passed by another solo rider - sounds simple. With my overall goal of standing on the podium in my grasp I had to go for it, so with more food and calories I was back out on course. Trying to hold pace as best as I could. If you can't ride it - walk it, just keep moving - this was my motto for the last four hours. On the last lap the top four places wound up joining up together out on the trail all separated by a lap per position. So the final positions had been set in stone, but we all had to still finish the course. It was evident that the terrain and sheer mileage of the last 24 hours had taken a toll on all of us. We all were reduced to walking and cursing every hill the trail had left to throw at us. It was finally over - 3rd place, 13 laps, 160 mi. with 22,000' climbing for the completion of my 9th 24 hour solo mountain bike race.

I would like to thank all the folks who helped me throughout the race and before the race ever started. With non stop support from family and friends alike. For my sponsors Harrell's Bicycle World, Raleigh Bicycles, and The Tack Room - THANKS for believing in me. Until next time, it's time for some rest.

Later, Toby

Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring X-Training

{Holly tries to help me with a water damaged floor}

Not a whole lot of riding going on this spring thus far. Due to the recent kitchen remoldeling project. Most all cyclist spend endless amounts of time indoors. The winters are spend waiting on spring and weather changes. Well I'm no different, except now that spring is here along with daylight savings time I've been helping remodel our 70's kitchen. So as for long rides and most of your weekend consumed on the bike - hopefully later.

With a 12hr. solo event in early May, I hope the fitness comes quickly. Speaking from experience, a 12hr. solo attempt while not in great shape will whoop ya bad. Luckily I was able to get out early Sunday a.m. and squeeze in a 3hr. road ride with some hills. For those whom are located around the Cayce area, take a venture out towards Calhoun Co. Excellent roads with low traffic and plenty of hills.

Hills outside Cayce SC

Happy trails folks


Monday, March 20, 2006

GA Single Speed Race

March 19, 2006
Georgia State Single Speed Championships
Occone Co. Heritage Park, Farmington GA.

This race marks the official start of my '06 season. Plus it's my 1st Single Speed (SS) XC race. The course at Heritage Park was one I'm famillar with due to two previous solo 24hr races there. It's been 2 years but what could have changed. Well for one more single track and another the more single seemed to be more climbing.

Ah SS, one gear and lots of torque will get you through the 9mi. roller coaster of trails a total of three times. This was much harder than I first thaught. The pace wasn't the issue, although gapped by a timid trail hog. Whom apparently was also hard of hearing for he couldn't or wouldn't get out of the way. Until the others were out of sight and long gone. Damn this seems to happen at every race. I think I'm in need a can of attitude before each race so I will feel comfy yelling at folks to get out of my way. Or I could just go harder at the start to avoid this problem.

After the 1st lap I was mostly by myself. Most folks go to races to race and ride with others but that just dosen't work for me. It always seems that I'm riding solo. Finishing out in 12th place. Anyway the race was lots of fun and very painful at the same time. My biggest accomplishment of the race was not being passed by the pro women, which has happened before. This is usally one of my secret goals I set before each race. So from here I need to do some more work and hopefully improve.

The next event will be the South Eastern Regional XC Race Championships (SERC) in Bryson City, NC

New for the '06 season The Dakota Motel (pic), nice and comfy. Included w/ many features like a carpeted floor equipt w/ extra sleep pads, bag & leopard print pillow. Even the Rig gets to rest in the shelter. Extra amenities would be the tail gate table for food prep on the camp stove, also dubs as a foot prop when relaxing in the camp chair. Yes this is one of the better ideas I've in some time. Saving money on lodging equals more money for more races and travel.

Happy trails folks,

Ft. Yargo Recon

March 18, 2006
Ft Yargo State Park, Winder GA.

Ft. Yargo SP is the site of the Dirty Spoke 12hr. Solo race in May. Word around the campfire is that Tinker Jaurez will be in attenance for the event. Feeling I needed all the help I could get, I used this trip as a reconnaissance mission. Besides I was in town for the GA Single Speed Chamionships.

The trail is around 11mi. with about 1000' climbing per lap. Great course, well marked as I didn't take map or anything other than a spare tube kit, food, water & camera. The trail is well maintained and used by many bikers & hikers. The trail system is based on a loop around a small lake. These types of trails are very fun because of the views and it's impossible to get lost. The course has a few short steep bumps, two steady climbs of about 5min. long, lots of turns. The trail will be fast during race situations with several big ring sections. This will be a welcomed feature during a 12hr race.

The plan was two laps, 1st at sight seeing pace then the 2nd at race pace. This would be a ballpark figure on lap times. Anyway 1st. lap my left crankarm came off 5 times, due to my oversight in reassemling the cranks to the bottom bracket earlier in the week. Remember no tools w/ the exception of a micro leatherman tool equipped w/ scissors. Yeah in a pinch, small scissors can sub for a 8mm allen wrench. Once back to the truck, fixed the mechanical and back out for the 2nd lap. This one went much better. Good lap time, and no problems.

For those who don't know, I'm known as the deer whisper. Pausing for a pose with the locals.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

24hr Solo Worlds



WORLD SOLO 24 HOURS OF ADRENALIN CHAMPIONSHIPSAtlanta, GA - Twenty4 sports, the race organizer that created the 24 Hours of Adrenalin series across North America, is adding the World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Biking Championships to the site of the inaugural Olympic cross-country site for 2006. The World Solo 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championships will take place October 6th, 7th and 8th at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Ga., the site of mountain biking's debut as an Olympic sport.

On Tuesday July 30th, 1996 the first ever Olympic Cross Country Mountain Bike race took place in Conyers Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Now 10 years later in celebration of that historic cycling date, the venue will host the top solo athletes from around the world.

Last october during the annual event in Conyers I placed 4th in the solo event. So hoping this has qualified me for the '06 event. I need to do so checking up, and hopefully find a hotel room for friday night. More updates to come.

Happy Trails Folks

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

24hr Solo Worlds News

I can't believe what I've just heard!!! The 24hr World Solo Championships is coming to the South. This events has been held in Canada for the last 8 yrs., so this huge. I'll get more info as becomes avalible.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring times here

Spring is finally upon us, especially with 80* temps. After this weeks work schedule I was happy to get out on the bike for sunny riding. A trip down to Sumter to hit the killer3 loop, plus some additional riding along the palmetto trail and campbells pond. Meet up with Paul & Joe for about 2hr. ride, good steady ride. It was their 2hr. of riding and my warm-up. After splitting off I decided to go hit some hills. Oh yeah by the way I'm riding single speed today. This is the longest ride off-road on this SS, plus it's my longest since new year's day. Top that off with the temps & we have a regular recipe for a great training ride. All in all I got in 4hrs. of saddle time ~ estimated 40mi. of single speed fun.
Plans could also be in the works for a Harrell's Bicycle World team attempt at a 24hr race. The interest is there along with fitness from some teammates. Still working on some dates. Till then happy trails folks.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


Recovery In Progress looking good. Last night I was able to get in 75min. of pain free riding. The back is feeling much better. Even this morning, my 6am cycle class was greeted with a renewed spirit of myself being back on the bike and teaching. Trying not to go all out, only to just turn the screws a bit. So off for a massage this afternoon and hopefully back in the saddle this weekend - till then.

Happy Trails Folks,

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Recovery in Progress

A little over a week now off the bike. It seems to have helped with the sciatic nerve problem. The hardest part of a rehab is the down time; especially when the fitness is starting to come around. It's amazing how much an hour of quality stretching helps. Anyway I hope by this time next week I'll be back on schedule.

Upcoming races are Southeastern Regional Series (SERC) around the first of April. Then hopefully if I've gotten in enough mileage - 13hr. Baker's Dozen mountain bike race in McCormick SC.

Happy Trails Folks

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sidelined by Sciatica

The last short track event has officially put the hurt on me. With the strong efforts put into the last two races, a sciatica nerve problem has flared up once again. Originated during a 24hr. Solo race in May '03, I pulled, pinched or some how tweaked my sciatica nerve around the hip area. Around 18 months ago I sought out professional help to correct the problem. With stretching and orthotics I have been able to keep it at bay until now. For those who know me best realize that it must be bad if I personally made an attempt to see a doctor about the problem. I can be a bit hard headed.

So for now I have to take it easy. My doctor has prescribed stretches to try and loosen muscles around the area. Hopefully this will ease the pressure off the nerve. Two weeks from now I go back for a follow up visit. On the positive side of things the weather has not been all that inviting for outdoor activities. So all my fingers & toes are crossed in hopes of a speedy recovery. Hopefully before the season gets into full swing.

A special thanks to my 6am cycle class for letting me teach from the floor this morning. The stretching session was helpful to my recovery.


Happy Trails Folks

Final Charlotte Short Track

February 18th, 2006
Renaissance Park Short Track, Charlotte NC
Sir Edmund Halley's Cup, Race # 5

It's the last race of the series, and it's 39 and cloudy. Weather report for today is wintry mix possible. Umm sounds like loads of fun. So Jaime & I are sitting in the top five of the series overall and ready to get this one over with. The drive up from Cola. town was pleasant, a great time to strategies and fire each other up about a podium finish.

No sooner than pulling into the parking lot the drizzle starts. Yeah, this is going to be awesome (not). Jump out the truck to go register and holy crap it's ten degrees colder than Cola. At the registration table I couldn't keep from shivering while filling out my info. I couldn't even make out my own name and address. Dropped off entry fee, stood by the kero heater and then bolted back to the truck to contemplate why in the hell we are going through with this. How easy it could have been to nap till the awards diner three hours later.

Time to man up, and get into the spirit of competing. After warming up on the trainer and somewhat feeling better it was 2pm and time to race. A nice chug of Hammer Gel & I'm ready to race. Toe up to the line and go, 60min. of pure fun in slick mud. Good thing I decided to finish off the series on the single 29er. At no surprise to me the leader went off quick and Jaime set out after him. This was good because Jaime was tied for third overall. Meanwhile, I sat on the wheel of Mr. I'm going to cut you off and go slow in the woods guy (tied w/ J). So knowing this I was content to just let this guy push the pace for the next 40min. Yeah I sat on his wheel the whole time. Speaking from experience if you have someone riding on your wheel you tend to ride harder than normal. Yes, this was my intent to just make him self-destruct. Besides if he wanted 3rd overall he had to catch Jaime, and guess who he would have taken with him.

After about 30min. of watching this cat ricochet around on the trail, I decided to make a pass and see what damage he had done to himself. Yeah he was hurting but not done. Two laps later he caught back up to me. So for another 15min. I let him go. Still on his wheel and pushing hard, he started making the noises I had been waiting for. You know the noises of pain and self-destruction. Last lap he gets back in front. So he tries to make a move on the last climb, but he couldn't drop tiny T. So he tried another attack on the final stretch into the finish, but I wasn't having it. Team Harrell's Bicycle World needed two podium spots. I was able to close the gap and sprint past to take third place. Sprinting on a single speed bike is a unique trick. Especially against someone running multi gears.

Victory for the Harrell's Team, 2nd and 3rd in the final race of the series. Overall Jaime was able to edge out Mr. I'm going to cut you off and go slow in the woods guy. As for me a 5th overall due to missing race #3. Anyway like I've said before it's all just training for the bigger and faster races. So on that note I'm off to prepare for my next event, the Georgia State Singlespeed Championships (Mar. 19).

Happy Trails Folks,

Monday, February 13, 2006

Remember it's just TRAINING

Yeah it's February, it's cold, windy with the occasional flurries. It is always hard to convince yourself that this is training time for the bigger races later in the season. So when you go out to the short track cross-country (STXC) races they are meant to help with your top end in a real time race environment (speed and anaerobic threshold). These races have been a great alternative to sitting in the garage on the trainer doing prescribed intervals till you can't see straight or just shy of yaking up a lung.

Now with that said, I was ready for the 4th installment of the Charlotte STXC series. Temps in the mid 40s with whipping winds. You know the kind that just cuts through your shell and chills you to the bone. Knowing in my mind I had to have a good race to stay in contention of the overall. Mentally I was ready to bury myself in self-inflected pain to better my overall placing, that would be half the battle. During warmup, Jamie and I decided to setup our trainers in a sunny spot close to the course. This would allow us to watch the early races while warming up and take note of the mud build up on bikes.

Lining up for the start, damn it's cold out here with gusts of cold wind still ripping through the area. "Oh yeah racers this is the double point race" - Go - immediately noticing that I have no gas and I can't catch my breath. On the back but still in contact, I get gaped by another racer that is obviously not very smooth through the single track. dammit get the hell out of the way (sorry, just trying to express my emotions at the time ;~() ! ! ! The gap just kept growing throughout the race. So now I'm put into chase mode, just trying to stay steady. If you call 176bpm av. heart rate w/ a max of 186 for the first 30min. Then the second half was 172 av w/ 181 max. I had this feeling that I never could catch my breath. It was slipping away. Riders I was in desperate need of passing were getting farther away. I was fading but yet still couldn't catch my breath.

On the other hand, I have to give props to my teammate Jamie for hanging tuff. This past race was very fast, fastest yet. Jamie held strong in the top four staying with the leaders for the majority of the race. Late in the race when Jamie lapped me I tried to hold onto his wheel but I just didn't have it. Thanks for the help. REMEMBER THIS IS TRAINING. This will be a rest week for me, so I can hopefully come back strong next Sat. for the final race. Expecting rain for next Sat. will hopefully play into my side. Seeing how I will probably be on the single speed once again.

Happy trails folks,

Monday, February 06, 2006

Charlotte Winter Short Track Series

Charlotte Winter Short Track Series

This season the Charlotte Sports cycling has teamed up with Sir Edmond Halley's Pub, Heartwood Tree Service and Dirt Divas to host the always exciting winter short track race series. The winter race series kivked off on January 21st. The short track course will bring a unique style of racing to the Charlotte area. Short track racing on a 3/4 mile trail consisting of bank turns. It's a cross between a criterium, BMX, cyclo-cross and singletrack. All with a super fast & spectator friendly atmosphere. The course has been winterized thanks to Charlotte Sports Cycling and the Tarheels Trailblazers.
This would be a real eye opener as to where the finess level is. Only an hour long, you gotta through it all down and go like a bat out of hell. This would be a total change from the racing I'm used to (24hr. Solo).
Representinhg Harrell's Bicycle World in the expert field would be Jamie Hyatt and Toby P.

Race #1 Jan. 21
I had the wise idea to try my hybird Raleigh. Full rigid alum. hardtail equpit with 38/11x30 w/ 40c. tires, fast yeah. Maybe for a nice dry day, but not for today. GO - and we are off to a hella fast start. Oh crap nice and slick, translation zero traction on the only climb. This was going to be a lesson learned. Somehow, I managed to stay upright and making foward progression pulling out a 5th place. However Jamie was not so lucky snapping his R. der. hanger off on lap #5. This would DNF him for the race but he able to come out with 4 points for his efforts.

Race #2 Jan. 29
My lesson learned from race 1 is - I need to bust out the 29er Rig and drop the darn the hammer. Still muddy from the week's rain this wuld be a perfect opportunity to redeem myself from last week. Weapon of choice was a Fisher 29er Rig single speed. Yeah 34x16 w/ a pair of 29x1.8 tires this bike was rolling & ripping up the trail and with no problem in the drivetrain department. Racers were having a difficult time with chain suck and skipping chains. This equipment choice would help me into a 2nd place finish. Jamie also had a great comeback from last weeks disappointment. Despite having muddy drivetrain issues, he raced hard against a local racer and finished up 4th. This was a great showing for the Harrell's Team and showed the locals we mean business. "we are a part of the 29er nation" All Hail the 29er Nation

Race #3 Feb.4
Third race of the series and I'm all pumped up. Sitting in third place overall in the series. I was very ready to bury myself for a high placing; but as crappy luck would have it. This was not to be.

In route to the venue along I-77 a down pour caused a 14 car pile-up just in front us (Erin & I). Just millimeters from being car 14+ involved, we skidded to a dangerously close look at a Lincolin's ass end. Now stopped in traffic we can see that both lanes are blocked and there is nowhere to go. After an hour of sitting and watching get are freeed from the grid lock. At last we are at Renaissance Park just in time to see the expert field rounding the first turn. What a slap in the face that was. Well since we're here lets go cheer for Jamie. Jamie had to fly solo this race. Sitting in 2nd Jamie powered out lap after lap on the muddy course. Racing hard back and forth with a local racer, Jamie comes through yelling he has no back brakes. This is a real problem when you are hauling ass into muddy banked turns. Hanging tough in true fashion big J pulls out a very impressive 3rd place. Great job Jamie and I'll be back next week to help you throw it (Hammer) down for the Harrell's Team.

Next race is Sunday Feb.12 & Finals are Sat. Feb.18 - Stay tuned for results Charlotte Mountain Bike

Later Toby

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day for a ride. Just finished up 2 hrs. of dirt road riding on the single speed. Riding dirt roads outside of Lex. out toward Gilbert-Summit area. These rides have such a refreashing feeleing about them;~) To my count I believe I saw 6cars total on the backroads, and I'll take that anyday.

Friday night's ride was kinda epic. Night ride out and around Cola. town. Started out in WC @ about 44 degrees. 3 hrs. later it was 35 and I was an hour later then I had told my wife (not happy). However 3 hrs. and 42 mi. later of urban dismass and blind turn through nieghborhoods and parking lots. You guessed it, I no plan and no direction other than the beer loop.

Tommorrow's short track race in Charoltte. Going up w/ Jamie and racing the expert class. Expecting 60's and rain, rain, rain. Sir Edmond Hailey's STXC in Renassance park, was a killer time last weekend. Last weekend I used my hybrid w/ 700x40c rear tire. It was too slick for this bike, so I'll be on the 29er SS running a 34x16 combo w/ 29x1.8 tires should rip up this course.

Anyway I'm off to recover for STXC on sunday, maybe I'll get some type of report back

Later T

Thursday, January 12, 2006

First time out

I hope this blog will become a helpful site, by arranging rides in the palmetto area. Especially rides in the midlands. I will post rides here, in hope that others would want to join. These rides will mostly be of epic porpotion. Routes can range from road to off-road and even multi-surface to urban. The rider communication in the midlands seems to be some secret society thing.
Other items on this blog will include my where abouts of 24 hour solo races and some off the wall trainning regimen I my embark on.