Monday, April 17, 2006

Out riding

Finally a somewhat normal weekend for riding. Normal being riding both saturday & sunday two hours or more. {Yippy for me;~) } Saturday was a typical 2hr. stroll through Harbison forrest on the geared bike. This ride was a prep for next weekends race @ Harbison. Speaking of race - Harbison XC race 4/23/06 next sunday races start at 10am and go through 12ish. Come out and support your local trails.

Yesterday, I got out on the hybird bike for some 2hr. of paved/dirt mix riding. This has turned out to be my favorite type of riding lately. The hybird is basicly a road bike with wider tires. This makes for more resistance on the pavement, with some more comfort and control in the dirt. Great training tool if you find yourself in a crunch for time to train. On this bike I find myself exploring more, seeking out the rougher roads and hitting any dirt road I come across. I've even dubbed the bike "Detour" this seems to be an appropriate name. Every ride seems to make a detour to less traveled places.

Happy Trails Folks,

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shimaNO forever! said...

I bet you shave your legs! ---WIERDO!