Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nibble Nibble

Well it's been a week since the last post and not much has been going on. Other than work and no one really wants to here about that. Did manage to go out and support the local crit on Sunday. Luckily Jamie called me on Sunday morning to remind me.

Starting to feel the bike bug nibbling again. Looking into some bike related ideas of fun. After Damon ragged me about running too much. Speaking of that a case of Patellar Tendinitis has creped into my right knee. No big deal just cut back and ice 2-3 times a day.
Plus the Poison Ivy is finally drying up. All the white dots are the various spots that popped up after my last Trail Running adventure at SouthEastern. Here is a little something for the doubters of the PI - it puts the fear in ME.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Ride Through Dupont

Big time on some big wheels. This past Sunday I managed to catch a ride with Joe and headed up to Dupont. This would top out my riding from the past months. A 4:00~40 miles in the mountains on one gear. The route was a brain child or just a quality bowel pasting that freed up some matter in the Mater. No matter it was a blast. I could not remember any of the names of the trails we rode. With exceptions to the high lights - Big Rock Trail (amazing clear view), Ridge Line (killer downhill), Air Strip Tr.(another fun downhill) Joanna Road (a gravel road I about heaved on).

High light of the ride and the low light of the ride came on the same stretch of trail. Ridge line is one amazing down hill. Weaving in and out of small hardwoods. Dipping in and out of elevation swings. Gliding off of subtle rock drops, hauling at a fraction of mach. When the 180* switchback you're not ready for slams to to to the the ground. Luckily Joe witnessed to entire scene. A creditable witness at how fast it really happened.

Big thanks to the X-Mater, Cook, D-K***Z & Joe for the blast in the woods. Good times. It's Tuesday and I've still got the grin on my grill.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kiwanis 5k

Kiwanis 5k
Lexington SC

Early rise this a.m. and ready for the personal challenge. My home town was host to a Fun Fest 5K sponsored by the Kiwanis of Lexington. The personal challenge was an enticing feature to Monty & Jason also.

A long down hill start was a great way to blow up early. Managed to pass most of the pre-teens runners. A good feeling to have the youngsters behind but damn there are some chicks still up the road. Mile 1 down and Monty & I cross at 6:52. A bit faster than expected.

The hilly portion of the course was between mile 1 & 2. The hardest hill topped out at mile 2 (7:00). Monty still stalking me or just utilizing my draft. Not sure, he said "he was just hanging on". The course levels for about half mile. This sets you up for the approach of another long down hill.

Our pace started to quicken. The lead Female was just in front of us. She was fading and Monty was utilizing the hill. Inspired for fuel for some spousal trash talking. Luckily I've fallen for this trick before. Monty pulls ahead a touch then the small rise on Main St. took it's toll. Closed the gap and I believe a hammer fell from my shorts. The kick was more than I expected - A real effort. Finished in 21:4?, just shy of my goal. Somehow winning the 30-34 age group. Congrats also to Monty and Jason for a good run.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Some old and a little new. The route for the Thursday Night Urban Ride has been revamped for maximum enjoyment. After catching wind of the TNUR still in full effect. I had to go out and get in on the fun.

After dodging the walkers & go-getters out on the RiverWalk, I meet 7 HBW riders. The pace quickly picked up. With very few miles in the saddle I was a little apprehensive about going too hard for too long. Last thing I needed was to pop. The talk was to get in 40+miles. As the thoughts of "oh shit I have zero calories with me" steady would need to be my mantra.

Heading out to Old State Rd. the pace was jacked. By who I don't remember. The road was in good shape and Paul, Chris & myself separated from the group. The tempo was fast but manageable. A regroup at US21. Then is was something new.

From here a bottle refill at the Horizon, then onto the road formerly known as the METH route. This road has been tamed with the recent paving. The hills are still there but the soft sand is no more. The route stays on pavement for a few miles looping back around on Savany Hunt and 21, before heading back onto Old State. Two county line sprint signs have been added. This added loop was fun.

Heading back into town, Old State was another scorcher. The pace a touch slower, but still moving. A regroup at the pavement then an easy roll back into town. All in all a good ride. I was beat the ride was a little harder than I would have liked. Hell it was probably my fault the pace was jacked.

2:45 ~ 40 miles
HR av. 141
max 183
2500 calories burned
Bring food next time. Calendar marked for next Thursday.

Thursday, September 04, 2008