Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Ride Through Dupont

Big time on some big wheels. This past Sunday I managed to catch a ride with Joe and headed up to Dupont. This would top out my riding from the past months. A 4:00~40 miles in the mountains on one gear. The route was a brain child or just a quality bowel pasting that freed up some matter in the Mater. No matter it was a blast. I could not remember any of the names of the trails we rode. With exceptions to the high lights - Big Rock Trail (amazing clear view), Ridge Line (killer downhill), Air Strip Tr.(another fun downhill) Joanna Road (a gravel road I about heaved on).

High light of the ride and the low light of the ride came on the same stretch of trail. Ridge line is one amazing down hill. Weaving in and out of small hardwoods. Dipping in and out of elevation swings. Gliding off of subtle rock drops, hauling at a fraction of mach. When the 180* switchback you're not ready for slams to to to the the ground. Luckily Joe witnessed to entire scene. A creditable witness at how fast it really happened.

Big thanks to the X-Mater, Cook, D-K***Z & Joe for the blast in the woods. Good times. It's Tuesday and I've still got the grin on my grill.

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