Friday, September 29, 2006

Remember Me

Howdey Folks -

I'm sure everyone has been wondering where in the world has Toby been hiding. So thanks for the concern. Reason for the lack of post, well I've been a touch busy lately. Started taking land surveying classes. Four nights a week, and of course after an 8+ hour day. Yeah time management is the key and yet time management is not my forte. Hell of a change, but it should be worth it. I'll bore ya'll with that later.

As far as riding goes it's been off and on. My buddy Nye from Asheville approached me with the opportunity to roll onwith Team Green at the 24hr of Pisgah. This was a welcomed change for me since the last time I competed on a team of any sorts was like '98 or something. After the many hours of riding solos at 3am I've often wondered how fun the team thing would be.

It turned out to be just what I needed. Now that the 24hr Worlds is just on the horizon and it will be the first 24 I've raced in this season. I needed that midnight and 3am ride time. Mixed in with some sleep deprivation it turned out to be a good call. On the weekend, I believe I got in 8 laps. Riding them two at a time put me in race mode for a good hour & half. All laps completed on the single speed. What an awesome workout - no slacking off. Team Green finished off 12th of 40 teams and we screwed off as much as possible. I believe someone even had to drag Nye from his tent at 2am for his laps.

So now what you ask. Well with the Worlds beginning in a week the packing hopefully starts soon. Bike prep and nutrition lined up for the week. Find some lights and batteries - hopefully my buds are going to come through for me again like all the other times they have been there. I'll try to get back at the blog this week to let loose more details -till then.