Monday, December 10, 2007

Finally Over

This short run at a season is finally over. It's time for my favorite type of riding slow endurance. There is nothing like going out to the country roads and spinning about looking at the landscape. Enjoying the mild pace with Autumn still lingering around.

Visited my old stomping grounds this weekend. Nice easy paced road ride with minimal traffic and no real plan. Just make it two hours on the bike. Aboard my favorite road steed the Raleigh C700 hybrid. Throw in some 28c. tyres and 9 gears and I'm set. No ride in the sticks is complete without some dirt road action thrown in. It's good to be back.

Season in review
On the Bike
1 Win - SS Class, Tiger Rag XC
5th place - Stump Jump XC (pic provided)
Unofficially the SC State Expert XC Champion
(1st SC rider to cross line)
Top 5 Overall Expert Class (Winter & Fall Short Track Series)
4th place - Cowbell Challenge 6hr Race
28th - 12hr of Tsali

Off the Bike
12+ Tick Bites between April and May
1 Case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Looking forward to a better season in 2008

Monday, December 03, 2007

From Nothing To Something

This weekends short track race was better than expected. With a 9pm start time and a bedtime of 10ish, my body & mind were not communicating. Decision to race or not race was the topic for Saturday. With a full day of Christmas decorating and tree shopping behind me I was feeling very sleepy. Wondering around the house kinda packing and kinda scratching up an excuse not to go. Well the reason I needed to go was a jump in the overall. Since I've already missed a race I needed to complete the final four to be eligible for the series overall. Knowing some roadie folks wouldn't show and my mad skills in the dark made it a must go.

Depart on a 2hr solo drive North with caffeine and metal to past the time. Race start at 9pm and I arrive in plenty of time. Yelled at Clint for few laps. Congrats on another solid performance (2nd & tied for the overall). Found Jaime wondering around talked strategy or lack there of. Not too many folks showed for the race, so a good placing would be feasible.

Calm start and good pace. Manageable in my eyes all five riders staying together for the first 20 minutes or so. Then Jamie decided to turn it up on a comfy race pace. This blew everyone apart. I managed to hang close some 10-20 seconds off the lead. The main climb was killing me but able to make up all the time and more on the downhill section of the trail. Things were right for a change. The rigid 29er was spot on and I was flying on the downhill. Attacking every time through. The hour flew by and just when the pain started to ramp up I only had 2 laps to go and a 12 second gap. One slipped pedal and one slipped turn, managed to stay upright and finish third on the night. I believe this would put me in a tie for 4th.

Big J pulled out another impressive win 4 in a row. Can he sweep the series we'll find out next weekend? Say J have you been on the road much this season?