Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Brisk New Year Start

First off a huge Thanks goes out to the 7 brave riders who braved the cold and bitter winds. All to make the inaugural I.F. Memorial ride a success.
Thank You So Much

Damon, Brian, Bill, Mark, Kenny, Tony, Steve

Honestly I had no idea who or how many folks would show up. With temp in the 30*s and winds around 20mph. With only 39 miles and 20 sections of dirt, this would become an epic ride. A unique blend of riders and bikes. Including 1 mtb(29"), 2 road bikes, 3 cross, 1 hybrid & 1 fixed road.

No wrong turns, no mechanicals, no flats, no dog bites, no crazed red necks, low traffic and only one body slap to the Lexington Co. clay. Two maybe three sections were hike-a-bike due to sand. No one even whispered any complaints. It was a chill ride and no one had any agenda and we all stayed as a group the entire time. So with that I thank you once again and just maybe we will plan another outing in April. Just Maybe.

Friday, January 01, 2010


See post below on route update