Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HBW Blog

Hey Folks not a whole lot going on except for the Kitchen remodel. Just wantd to put out a site for the Harrell's folks.


Hit it and use it.


Monday, June 19, 2006


Howdey Folks - its' been a while since my last post. Many have asked and if you were wondering about the 24hr of Big Bear. I pulled a U-turn on I77 just outside of Blythwood enroute to WV. Reason - well lets just say I wasn't into it mentally 100% nor physically. With a 9+ hr. drive ahead of me and doubt lingering into my psyche, I felt it was in my best interest.

Now 12 days later looking back it's probably one of the better decisions I've made in some time. Ten 24's & 3 12 hr solos with no DNF's. That's a streak I don't want to disturb. So now refreashed with some time off the bike. I've been pondering my next adventure. Will it be Cowbell 12hr Challenge or a recon ride for Off-road Assault on Mt.Mitchell. It will be a tough decision but a long mtb ride is in my future.

Till then