Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day for a ride. Just finished up 2 hrs. of dirt road riding on the single speed. Riding dirt roads outside of Lex. out toward Gilbert-Summit area. These rides have such a refreashing feeleing about them;~) To my count I believe I saw 6cars total on the backroads, and I'll take that anyday.

Friday night's ride was kinda epic. Night ride out and around Cola. town. Started out in WC @ about 44 degrees. 3 hrs. later it was 35 and I was an hour later then I had told my wife (not happy). However 3 hrs. and 42 mi. later of urban dismass and blind turn through nieghborhoods and parking lots. You guessed it, I no plan and no direction other than the beer loop.

Tommorrow's short track race in Charoltte. Going up w/ Jamie and racing the expert class. Expecting 60's and rain, rain, rain. Sir Edmond Hailey's STXC in Renassance park, was a killer time last weekend. Last weekend I used my hybrid w/ 700x40c rear tire. It was too slick for this bike, so I'll be on the 29er SS running a 34x16 combo w/ 29x1.8 tires should rip up this course.

Anyway I'm off to recover for STXC on sunday, maybe I'll get some type of report back

Later T

Thursday, January 12, 2006

First time out

I hope this blog will become a helpful site, by arranging rides in the palmetto area. Especially rides in the midlands. I will post rides here, in hope that others would want to join. These rides will mostly be of epic porpotion. Routes can range from road to off-road and even multi-surface to urban. The rider communication in the midlands seems to be some secret society thing.
Other items on this blog will include my where abouts of 24 hour solo races and some off the wall trainning regimen I my embark on.