Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day for a ride. Just finished up 2 hrs. of dirt road riding on the single speed. Riding dirt roads outside of Lex. out toward Gilbert-Summit area. These rides have such a refreashing feeleing about them;~) To my count I believe I saw 6cars total on the backroads, and I'll take that anyday.

Friday night's ride was kinda epic. Night ride out and around Cola. town. Started out in WC @ about 44 degrees. 3 hrs. later it was 35 and I was an hour later then I had told my wife (not happy). However 3 hrs. and 42 mi. later of urban dismass and blind turn through nieghborhoods and parking lots. You guessed it, I no plan and no direction other than the beer loop.

Tommorrow's short track race in Charoltte. Going up w/ Jamie and racing the expert class. Expecting 60's and rain, rain, rain. Sir Edmond Hailey's STXC in Renassance park, was a killer time last weekend. Last weekend I used my hybrid w/ 700x40c rear tire. It was too slick for this bike, so I'll be on the 29er SS running a 34x16 combo w/ 29x1.8 tires should rip up this course.

Anyway I'm off to recover for STXC on sunday, maybe I'll get some type of report back

Later T

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