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Charlotte Winter Short Track Series

Charlotte Winter Short Track Series

This season the Charlotte Sports cycling has teamed up with Sir Edmond Halley's Pub, Heartwood Tree Service and Dirt Divas to host the always exciting winter short track race series. The winter race series kivked off on January 21st. The short track course will bring a unique style of racing to the Charlotte area. Short track racing on a 3/4 mile trail consisting of bank turns. It's a cross between a criterium, BMX, cyclo-cross and singletrack. All with a super fast & spectator friendly atmosphere. The course has been winterized thanks to Charlotte Sports Cycling and the Tarheels Trailblazers.
This would be a real eye opener as to where the finess level is. Only an hour long, you gotta through it all down and go like a bat out of hell. This would be a total change from the racing I'm used to (24hr. Solo).
Representinhg Harrell's Bicycle World in the expert field would be Jamie Hyatt and Toby P.

Race #1 Jan. 21
I had the wise idea to try my hybird Raleigh. Full rigid alum. hardtail equpit with 38/11x30 w/ 40c. tires, fast yeah. Maybe for a nice dry day, but not for today. GO - and we are off to a hella fast start. Oh crap nice and slick, translation zero traction on the only climb. This was going to be a lesson learned. Somehow, I managed to stay upright and making foward progression pulling out a 5th place. However Jamie was not so lucky snapping his R. der. hanger off on lap #5. This would DNF him for the race but he able to come out with 4 points for his efforts.

Race #2 Jan. 29
My lesson learned from race 1 is - I need to bust out the 29er Rig and drop the darn the hammer. Still muddy from the week's rain this wuld be a perfect opportunity to redeem myself from last week. Weapon of choice was a Fisher 29er Rig single speed. Yeah 34x16 w/ a pair of 29x1.8 tires this bike was rolling & ripping up the trail and with no problem in the drivetrain department. Racers were having a difficult time with chain suck and skipping chains. This equipment choice would help me into a 2nd place finish. Jamie also had a great comeback from last weeks disappointment. Despite having muddy drivetrain issues, he raced hard against a local racer and finished up 4th. This was a great showing for the Harrell's Team and showed the locals we mean business. "we are a part of the 29er nation" All Hail the 29er Nation

Race #3 Feb.4
Third race of the series and I'm all pumped up. Sitting in third place overall in the series. I was very ready to bury myself for a high placing; but as crappy luck would have it. This was not to be.

In route to the venue along I-77 a down pour caused a 14 car pile-up just in front us (Erin & I). Just millimeters from being car 14+ involved, we skidded to a dangerously close look at a Lincolin's ass end. Now stopped in traffic we can see that both lanes are blocked and there is nowhere to go. After an hour of sitting and watching get are freeed from the grid lock. At last we are at Renaissance Park just in time to see the expert field rounding the first turn. What a slap in the face that was. Well since we're here lets go cheer for Jamie. Jamie had to fly solo this race. Sitting in 2nd Jamie powered out lap after lap on the muddy course. Racing hard back and forth with a local racer, Jamie comes through yelling he has no back brakes. This is a real problem when you are hauling ass into muddy banked turns. Hanging tough in true fashion big J pulls out a very impressive 3rd place. Great job Jamie and I'll be back next week to help you throw it (Hammer) down for the Harrell's Team.

Next race is Sunday Feb.12 & Finals are Sat. Feb.18 - Stay tuned for results Charlotte Mountain Bike

Later Toby

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Links to the accident stories

Even though we missed the race we ran into some old friends and it was great to get a chance to see them and cheer Jamie on!