Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sidelined by Sciatica

The last short track event has officially put the hurt on me. With the strong efforts put into the last two races, a sciatica nerve problem has flared up once again. Originated during a 24hr. Solo race in May '03, I pulled, pinched or some how tweaked my sciatica nerve around the hip area. Around 18 months ago I sought out professional help to correct the problem. With stretching and orthotics I have been able to keep it at bay until now. For those who know me best realize that it must be bad if I personally made an attempt to see a doctor about the problem. I can be a bit hard headed.

So for now I have to take it easy. My doctor has prescribed stretches to try and loosen muscles around the area. Hopefully this will ease the pressure off the nerve. Two weeks from now I go back for a follow up visit. On the positive side of things the weather has not been all that inviting for outdoor activities. So all my fingers & toes are crossed in hopes of a speedy recovery. Hopefully before the season gets into full swing.

A special thanks to my 6am cycle class for letting me teach from the floor this morning. The stretching session was helpful to my recovery.


Happy Trails Folks

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