Sunday, November 18, 2007


Suffering all in the pursuit of fitness. This Saturday was the third installment of the Harrisburg stxc series. Monty and I headed North on 77. Neither of us had high hopes for a top spot. Mission was more of a support role for Jamie, get in and help when we could. This race was much faster than the previous weekends night race. Plan was to get out quick and set the pace early. Monty pulled out the lead off the gun. Jamie followed a close 2nd and I hung onto 3rd as watch out. "Team work" was the theme.
I managed to stay on for a few laps before I popped. Monty held on a few more laps then we were left to survive till the leaders came back around. Goal was to stay ahead and not get lapped but I knew better. These guys were ripping the trail up. Some many minutes later they did catch us luckily with Clint Spotting for us. Alerting me that they were closing fast. Anything I could do to help. "Get on your horse" and hold on. Chewed up and spit out Monty was next to help. Jamie was red hot this weekend and it was cool to be a part in it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Another HBW night ride is in the books, and a record of 11 riders showing up last night. Many of the usual suspects welcomed a few new faces to the ride. Pre-ride fuel for the strong - the gravity race is mine.
Good ride around 2:30~28mi. Feeling a need to show the folks how to lay down the hammer on the gravity games. Pulled out an impressive first by a full straight away. Even managed to lead the folks on some very tamed dirt paths with no complaints.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

Monday - First rollerblade session of 2007. Awesome workout for 25 minutes, the burning in the outer quads and lower back indicates target training.

Holly Belle celebrated her 6th birthday with her favorite ball and my foot.

Tuesday - Mony and I headed over to the night ride. A group of seven showed up for an evening of hills in the Elmwood area. Took third in the gravity games and managed a seek peek of the greenway addition.

Tuesday I found myself here in SC, any guesses - Once again Spokejunky solves the mystery. In the picture I'm running a RTK GPS survey, occupying SCGS marker "Gooding" situated at N33*30'04" W080*27'31" looking northeast at Lake Marion. On the right is south bound traffic on I95 heading toward Santee. On the left is th abandoned highway sc430.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday Evening in November

The Thursday installment of the HBW night ride was a bust again last night. However Monty and I were able to salvage a great 2:15 ~ 27miler out of it. Points of interest Riverfront Park, Marion St. Parking garage, Horseshoe @ USC, Run ups at the Blatt Center, 3 gravel roads, one cemetery, Granby Park & some twilight singletrack. Eat your heart out this was an awesome ride for a Thursday evening in November.