Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

Monday - First rollerblade session of 2007. Awesome workout for 25 minutes, the burning in the outer quads and lower back indicates target training.

Holly Belle celebrated her 6th birthday with her favorite ball and my foot.

Tuesday - Mony and I headed over to the night ride. A group of seven showed up for an evening of hills in the Elmwood area. Took third in the gravity games and managed a seek peek of the greenway addition.

Tuesday I found myself here in SC, any guesses - Once again Spokejunky solves the mystery. In the picture I'm running a RTK GPS survey, occupying SCGS marker "Gooding" situated at N33*30'04" W080*27'31" looking northeast at Lake Marion. On the right is south bound traffic on I95 heading toward Santee. On the left is th abandoned highway sc430.


spokejunky said...

Lake Marion vis a vis I-95. That's two six packs and Team CR1 frames.

Palmetto Solo said...

I can handle the two six pack. Your on your own with the plastic road unit.

SJ you might be interested in knowing I'm currently mapping of some Palmetto Trail passages this winter.

spokejunky said...

Sing it with me now..."I've been everywhere, man...crossed the deserts bare, man".