Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kiwanis 5k

Kiwanis 5k
Lexington SC

Early rise this a.m. and ready for the personal challenge. My home town was host to a Fun Fest 5K sponsored by the Kiwanis of Lexington. The personal challenge was an enticing feature to Monty & Jason also.

A long down hill start was a great way to blow up early. Managed to pass most of the pre-teens runners. A good feeling to have the youngsters behind but damn there are some chicks still up the road. Mile 1 down and Monty & I cross at 6:52. A bit faster than expected.

The hilly portion of the course was between mile 1 & 2. The hardest hill topped out at mile 2 (7:00). Monty still stalking me or just utilizing my draft. Not sure, he said "he was just hanging on". The course levels for about half mile. This sets you up for the approach of another long down hill.

Our pace started to quicken. The lead Female was just in front of us. She was fading and Monty was utilizing the hill. Inspired for fuel for some spousal trash talking. Luckily I've fallen for this trick before. Monty pulls ahead a touch then the small rise on Main St. took it's toll. Closed the gap and I believe a hammer fell from my shorts. The kick was more than I expected - A real effort. Finished in 21:4?, just shy of my goal. Somehow winning the 30-34 age group. Congrats also to Monty and Jason for a good run.


Jason said...

Great run man. You slow twitchy guys always impress me. Your official time was 21:50 on the sheet I saw after the race. You had me by 2:40... but I never felt like I was going to loose control of my bowels like other runners I heard talking after the race ;) 207 max?

Looking forward to the next one. I hope to be within a minute of you by then.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

Congrats onthe finish and thanks for pacing the rookie.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

Hey you going to run The dam(n)10k in two weeks. Sept 27.