Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring X-Training

{Holly tries to help me with a water damaged floor}

Not a whole lot of riding going on this spring thus far. Due to the recent kitchen remoldeling project. Most all cyclist spend endless amounts of time indoors. The winters are spend waiting on spring and weather changes. Well I'm no different, except now that spring is here along with daylight savings time I've been helping remodel our 70's kitchen. So as for long rides and most of your weekend consumed on the bike - hopefully later.

With a 12hr. solo event in early May, I hope the fitness comes quickly. Speaking from experience, a 12hr. solo attempt while not in great shape will whoop ya bad. Luckily I was able to get out early Sunday a.m. and squeeze in a 3hr. road ride with some hills. For those whom are located around the Cayce area, take a venture out towards Calhoun Co. Excellent roads with low traffic and plenty of hills.

Hills outside Cayce SC

Happy trails folks


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