Monday, March 20, 2006

GA Single Speed Race

March 19, 2006
Georgia State Single Speed Championships
Occone Co. Heritage Park, Farmington GA.

This race marks the official start of my '06 season. Plus it's my 1st Single Speed (SS) XC race. The course at Heritage Park was one I'm famillar with due to two previous solo 24hr races there. It's been 2 years but what could have changed. Well for one more single track and another the more single seemed to be more climbing.

Ah SS, one gear and lots of torque will get you through the 9mi. roller coaster of trails a total of three times. This was much harder than I first thaught. The pace wasn't the issue, although gapped by a timid trail hog. Whom apparently was also hard of hearing for he couldn't or wouldn't get out of the way. Until the others were out of sight and long gone. Damn this seems to happen at every race. I think I'm in need a can of attitude before each race so I will feel comfy yelling at folks to get out of my way. Or I could just go harder at the start to avoid this problem.

After the 1st lap I was mostly by myself. Most folks go to races to race and ride with others but that just dosen't work for me. It always seems that I'm riding solo. Finishing out in 12th place. Anyway the race was lots of fun and very painful at the same time. My biggest accomplishment of the race was not being passed by the pro women, which has happened before. This is usally one of my secret goals I set before each race. So from here I need to do some more work and hopefully improve.

The next event will be the South Eastern Regional XC Race Championships (SERC) in Bryson City, NC

New for the '06 season The Dakota Motel (pic), nice and comfy. Included w/ many features like a carpeted floor equipt w/ extra sleep pads, bag & leopard print pillow. Even the Rig gets to rest in the shelter. Extra amenities would be the tail gate table for food prep on the camp stove, also dubs as a foot prop when relaxing in the camp chair. Yes this is one of the better ideas I've in some time. Saving money on lodging equals more money for more races and travel.

Happy trails folks,

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