Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring times here

Spring is finally upon us, especially with 80* temps. After this weeks work schedule I was happy to get out on the bike for sunny riding. A trip down to Sumter to hit the killer3 loop, plus some additional riding along the palmetto trail and campbells pond. Meet up with Paul & Joe for about 2hr. ride, good steady ride. It was their 2hr. of riding and my warm-up. After splitting off I decided to go hit some hills. Oh yeah by the way I'm riding single speed today. This is the longest ride off-road on this SS, plus it's my longest since new year's day. Top that off with the temps & we have a regular recipe for a great training ride. All in all I got in 4hrs. of saddle time ~ estimated 40mi. of single speed fun.
Plans could also be in the works for a Harrell's Bicycle World team attempt at a 24hr race. The interest is there along with fitness from some teammates. Still working on some dates. Till then happy trails folks.



y2jamie said...

Hmmmm.....and who exactly would these "teammates" be? I wonder...... :)

Palmetto Solo said...

Well big J, if you wanna be in - I'm sure capable.