Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So the four day weekend was a welcome sight especially with great weather. What better time to start on the base mileage for the '07 season. Giving thanks for the food and family, but don't forget thanks for the four day weekend and the opportunity for Quality Saddle Time.

Last winter I started riding my Raleigh C700 hybird for a change of pace. This bike has went through many transformation in it's history. Currently the Raleigh-aah has been limited to eight gears. Running a 42t road ring up front combined with a 12x28 in the rear. After this weekends 4hr journey through Western Lexington Co. dirt roads, I think the combination will suite me just fine. The Raleigh will also dub as my winter road bike. There is no need for aerodynamics in the winter, it's all about comfort. I'm in the mood for dirt roads.


Team LandRover said...

yo, you doing the 12/6 hour race on New Year's Eve in Athens??? I think me, the old lady and BrouSSard are doing the 6 for giggles. And camping for the night. the stick

ExtrmTao said...

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