Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Caboose Effort

The final race of the '06 season is in the books. Last weekends finale at the Harrisburg stxc was not the best highlight of the season. Let me take you through my day. First off, I was scheduled to teach a 75min. cycle class at Health Directions, this was to start at 9am. As I instructed the class through several standing efforts I tried to hold my temptation to surge and make the class painful for all including myself. Knowing that I needed a strong ride in the single speed class to clinch a 3rd overall for the series. Saving energy here could save me later in the day. Finishing up the class around 10:15 didn't leave me much time for breakfast/lunch. Plus I still had a 2hr drive to north Charlotte. Realizing the ss race was not in the cards as far as time goes. I had to sacrifice myself to the wolves in the expert class - on a single rigid.

I felt better knowing I would have two teammates in the field as well. Jaime & Monty both made the trip up to the race. Monty's first stxc and Jaime was trying to seal a 3rd overall in the expert field. Knowing I had nothing to win or loose, I told Jaime that I would work for him in what ever fashion he needed. I was helpless to the geared speed demons. As the race started very fast I was put into the caboose position. Now that I had an hour of not wanting to be lapped was driving me to keep pushing every second of the trail. By the halfway point I had made up a few places but really who's counting. The finish couldn't have come any sooner. I was beat, but I did hold off the field with the exception of 1&2.

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It feels good to be a gangsta. . .