Friday, December 29, 2006

Urban Night Ride

Manged an urban night ride last night. Met up with a steady paced group with some HBW fellows. A group of six met up around 6:40pm on the Riverfront Park. Heading along the Three Rivers Greenway out toward the Cayce area. Plans were to check out Old State road for some lightning fast dirt road action. The pace was whipped up quick. The road consists of one turn in a 4mi. stretch. Turn around at the pavement out near I-26 & Dixiana, then haul ass back for another 4mi interval. The pace was great for a crusing type interval. Behind Russ & Paul it's like a comfy motor pace. Returning back into town along the TRG.

If you ever get the chance to ride the TRG @ night go for it. It is an amazing ride. Imagime a concrete path about 5' wide that twists & turns along the banks of the Congaree River. Now strap on some light and rip through the park. The winter time is the best time for this because the pedestrians are minimal. Bring along a friend and test your skills with someone on your wheel.

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