Tuesday, October 31, 2006


To the lucky bidders. It is amazing what people will buy, especially the folks in the cycle community. They always say one mans junk is another mans treasure. True in deed, as a cyclists with plenty of old parts lying around I know how frustrating it can be to work on a project bike and run out of spare parts. Especially if it needs that old school charm. Still have a Raleigh road frame for sale. Enough of the peddling pedal parts - Let's leave that there.

Racing of a different beast for me this past weekend - it's Nascar bo. E & I made the journey west to Hot Lanta for the 33rd stop in the Nextel Cup Series. This was my 2nd venture into the land of extremely high octane, speed & burning rubber. A great time to be had, just the amount of people and it's huge diversity amongst them all. The ultimate stop for unique people watching.

Nascar note to self on advertising for your sponsors. They have that trick nailed. Maybe for next season I'll polish myself to a tee and slap stickers all over for my few sponsors. To make other notice I'll also make loud noises and take left turns all day.


ExtrmTao said...

I hate how quirky blogger is with pictures. One day it's gravy, the next all you get is swiss cheese.

I went to one of those nascar things once. YIKES!

spokejunky said...

I hear you and Jamie are coming down for the Marrington race. Looking forward to seeing you all down here.
Dude I can't believe you headed out to see one of those: Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. You've got to bring much beer to those for dulling of the mind.