Friday, May 05, 2006

First Shop Ride

Not a whole lot going on. Race plans have changed, in that I will not be going to the dirty spoke 12hr this weekend in GA. Didn't feel as though I was ready. So now I'm just trying to ramp up my endurance in hopes of being ready for 12hr. Of Tsali (5/20). Trying to get in as much saddle time as possible.

Last night was my first Harrells shop ride of the season. It was as hard as expected - plenty of animals (J) out on the road. I must have missed the normal warmup, by the time I joined the group (Damon, Selix, Jaime, Chris) - our warmup consisted of rollers up Kennerly rd. @ 22mph. Not little chain ring needed. This is good, go ahead and set in the fatigue before the real accelerations start.

Once the shop group showed @ like 6:45 it was go time, mainly from the initial warmup group. Apparently I missed the memo on the early attack at Kennerly rd, so Peter and I had to chase the fast group down. I still haven't figured out - Is it harder to chase down a group of fast riders or go with them at the initial attack?

So about 3mi. Later we caught back up. Just a few baby chunks to show for the effort, but a great interval. This would happen once more on the ride back towards Shady Grove rd. Dropped of the back but fought my way back to the group with Gabe this time. Stick a fork in me cause I'm done. Good thing its mostly down hill back on Kennerly. So by the last big hill on Kennerly I just sat up and took it easy back to Harbison SP. These two a days can really put the hurt on ya.

P.S. - I'll weight my 1994 steel DeRosa this weekend, so you fellas with the 16lbs bikes can feel better about dropping me on the hills.

Happy trails folks

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Anonymous said...

Kokopelli next weekend...$133 round trip, 142 miles, leaving Wed. morning out of Asheville 6am. Need a good light...can I borrow yours?