Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ray Tanners 12k Run

A plan that's been in the works for months now, to compete in the Ray Tanner Home Run 12k. A plan I've been able to stick with. This would be the longest run race I've ever competed in. Set a goal - to finish in under an hour. Ok that should be attainable. That's holing an 8:00/mi pace. seems easy unless I get caught up in the excitement of competition.

An unusual sense of calm come over me. I was confident of my fitness and pace. Meet up with the Dubose family for an early morning drizzle start. The rain was lite but still it was raining. Luckily I really like running in the rain.

From the start, the combined fields of the 5k & 12k. This stretched the field out over the first few hills. Settled into my pace. Except my pace was :30sec faster than planned. Good, I guess as long as I don't blow up. After the 5k split off I could see the competition up the road. Steady pace allowed me to not be passed by a single runner after the 2 mi point.

Closing in on the finish. One final hill about 1.5mi to go. The hammer finally fell from my shorts. passing the fella I'd been holding onto the entire race. With half mile to go, it was all on the table. Crossing the line in 55:25 for 7.5 mi. Placing 30th overall and 5 minutes ahead of my goal.

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Jason said...

Can I call 'em or what :) Nice run man, congrats on the top 30.