Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nervous for What - Maybe it's Anxiety

And the count down to pain is well under way. This weekend is the annual Fall event for Pisgah Productions. The Double Dare is the beast. Two days in Pisgah National Forest, multiple check points and a 12 hour time limit the first day. Then you stagger from your tent for day two. Again like day one, 12 hour time limit and multiple check points throughout the forest. Luckily I'll be teammed up with a fella who has a good handle on the topo and navigational way throught the beast. Did I mention we will be rolling SS29" rigid.

Race Update: Barely Functioning this a.m.Super long weekend. Clay & myself pulled out a 5th place with 16.5 CP over the two days. Here is a link on mtbr for more recaps.

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jpelton said...

Way to go man!!!
It was a really tough event!!! Jonathan and I actually finished, but obviously not in the top 10. You rock!