Sunday, October 26, 2008

Double Dare Day 2

One of the hardest thing to accomplish on day 2 was getting up from a warm sleeping bag. With the constant ringing of cowbells at 5:30 am it was hard to ignore. I had to get up and try to focus on getting ready. Today would start with another time trial to an undisclosed location for further instructions.

It had to be in the 30s at the start. The look of fatigue on many faces around the camp was easy to believe. Day 2 would have some carnage for sure. Then the instructions to head to Pilot Rock came across the weary ears on the riders. The climb would test the mental more than the physical this a.m.

A solid 2+ hours of climbing puts us up at the top when further instructions arrive that the trek continues on up to Ivestor Gap. This will give you the mandatory cp for the day. The route to Ivestor is a lot of hiking on the Art Loeb trail. This in turn would spit us onto the BRP. From here it's pavement up to Ivestor TH. Now normally my pride is strong and giving into pain is a far reach. This paved climb had me pushing for a touch and zig zagging across the road to lessen the grade.

The Ivestor CP was a relief. It seemed like 4 hours or so just to get in the mandatory CP. This would also be the special test for the day. Like day 1, shotgun the beers or shoot a slingshot. I tried for the slingshot, but failed miserably. In the mean time Clay was scanning the map for possible CP. Yes, I was tired but I was there to compete. Pulling myself around the task at hand. We rode hard on day 1 to put ourselves in a situation to place high. There was no reason to let that hard work go to waste.

Clay plots out a path of 5-6 CP in a convenient loop around the 215 area. In a short matter of time we had nabbed another 3 CP on our way to Farlow Gap area. More numb to the climbing now, the feeling of motivation was coming. With this motivation, I had to contain it a touch.

The feeling of high to the feeling I was dreading. The lows came in on the climb up to Farlow Gap. What seemed like days to climb, probably lasted in the hour range. Beat down mentally and physically. What better way to celebrate than a beer. A PBR at Farlow was bringing my spirits around. From here I believe dream land set in. The decent of Farlow is rocky and very hairy. Like I said fuzzy, because we passed a few more CP on the way down to the Fish Hatchery. The decision had to be made. Where to from here.

The decision to route through Coontree heading back to the camp was good but very hard. This trail had some steep pitches to climb. With my throbbing feet, this would be a very though test. Finally at the top. First thoughts beer then comfy shoes. This give of 7 CP on the day in 11 hours of riding.

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