Thursday, October 02, 2008

For Those About To Rock

I do salute you..................

Since my running fellas have posted their runs to date. I thought what the hell. Started running a little in late April that snowballed into a passion. A passion for a quick exercise that would wear out my dogs.
May - 50 miles / 8:55 hours
June - 70 miles / 9:25
July - 68 miles / 9:14
Aug - 61 miles / 9:08
Sept - 45 miles / a case of self diagnosed Patellar Tendinitis
Oct - back for more

Use your head not your will.


Jason said...

Thanks for getting AC/DC stuck in my head Toby... I salute you.

Anyways, looks like you earned your Patellar Tendonitis the good, proper, and honest way. Impressive ;)

Affectionately Known as Beast said...


Can you post the race to the river flyer on the Harrell's site? Its on the cycle center website.

Thanks in advance.


Affectionately Known as Beast said...

Whoops. Jason allready did it. Thanks Jason.

bboozer said...

You guys aren't planning on running the Governor's Cup on the 25th are you? Nothing like a 1/2 marathon to get in a good long run.

Palmetto Solo said...

Hitting the 12k this weekend then planning on the 8k @ GC. Do plan on a half in Charlotte 12/13. If your interested.