Friday, October 31, 2008

Check Your Head

Along with your self. As I head out to HSF for run through the woods. My longest run to date was around 8.5 sometime back. So today the goal was to fall. Planning on a loop from the front lot to Lost Creek. Hit up Lost Creek in a counter clockwise direction with the B-Boys checking me the hole way. Lap time on the Garmin showed a 5.2 mi~48:00. This was a good feeling having my first trail race in a week. To be able to hold a 9 min pace on LC. From here I had to head down Lost Creek Rd. for touch to the gravel that connects me back to Stewardship Trail. The way out from here is the main gravel back towards the gazebo. This puts you climbing up double track towards the Eagle Trail. Gravel all the way to the Discovery Center, then a right on Fire break to the front lot. The reason for this post is to call the fact that I finally broke the the 10 mile barrier.

10mi ~ 1:34

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bboozer said...

Nice. Joe and I were out riding Friday afternoon early - must have missed you. That's a pretty brutal 10 miles.