Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking for E

"E" being Endurance, a form of fitness I've always enjoyed working on. As of late it's been the hardest form of fitness to acquire. So when the opportunity arises for a long ride accompaned by a fellow rider I leap at the opportunity. Met up with Monty at high noon for a showdown with the road unit.

Weatherman's promise of near 70* with no real mention of the wind. So we headed south towards Monty's hometown of Springfield SC. I know I asked the same question.
Are going to see Homer?
Can we stop by Krusty Burger?
The riding was great, not too many hills just a lot of pedaling. The first 2 hours had a stiff wind from right to left across the road. Neither of us very coherent about drafting. Side by side riding on open farm land. Arrive in the three horse town of Springfield, fill up on h2o.

Back on the road, heading North. Now the real pain is to begin. The brutal cross winds have now changed to head winds. Monty was kind enough to take longer pulls while my slack a$$ tried to draft. The last hour of this ride was brutal, between a leg cramp and a burning saddle. Finally pulling into Monty's house I crash out on the front lawn. Getting in shape sucks. Now I remember why the folks on Biggest Loser are always crying.

Ride Stats:
78 miles, 4 hours
152 av / 182 max HR
3700 calories burned
3 - large bottles water
1 - large bottle of Sustand Energy
2 - Cliff Bars
1 - throbbing leg cramp
1 - case of fire crouch
3 - counties
6+ - small towns
1 - positive feeling that some fitness is coming


spokejunky said...

As opposed to me: Saturday - slackity slack slack..move over the sheets are cold. Sunday - ride the back hills of Pineville, NC til you puke. Good 3 hour roll for 230w avg.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

what is fire crouch? something from "enter the dragon"???