Wednesday, February 20, 2008


An article has appeared in the state newspaper about an interest group wanting to start a night ride at Harbison SF.

"Night biking, A treat for adventurous folks Harbison State Forest to give night trail biking a try

Night trail biking isn’t for everyone. You must be very comfortable with your trail-riding skills, have proper equipment and have a legal place to ride. Even if you met the first two criteria, the last one has been a problem in the Midlands, but that could change. Harbison State Forest is testing the waters with a highly structured night trail ride Feb. 20.The Friends of Harbison State Forest is organizing the event in part to gauge the interest in night riding. Only the first 20 qualified riders to register will be allowed to ride, and you must be a member of the friends group to register. (E-mail friendsofhsf@friends for registration details.) The pilot ride will be used to determine if there is sufficient interest and support to start a night-ride program on the popular trails at the 2,177-acre forest on Broad River Road.
Registration for the pilot ride closes Friday."

Well I'm adventurous but not adventurous enough for a structured group ride at night at HSF. What does "Highly structured" really mean? Is it to be a strict loop of the Firebreak Trail? A true adventure would include a night decent on Spider Woman II. A test to see how well you really know HSF and it's trail system.

A membership to fohf is a must. Well how about a state park pass, the same pass that enables you to ride the trails during normal business hours. This is a test ride to see if the interest is there for weekly night outings. After showing up for several HBW urban night rides, with some 4-15 like minded riders. I'd say YES there is an interest.

My real thoughts, find a suitable night during the week to keep the park open to all night riding (running). Just extend the hours of the park till say 10pm. Peak the interest of fellow trail users with this opportunity to explore the trail in the twilight. With this once a week opportunity available, groups will form on there own. Riders could enjoy the thrill of ripping through the pines in an illuminated train.


MM said...

They let you ride the Palmetto Trail at night on Fort Jackson...

The trail is not as easy as a lot of folks think.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Totally agree with the post.. Congrats on your 2nd at the Short Track race

Palmetto Solo said...

Word through the grapevine is very structured. I hope it pans out and the interest is there.

spokejunky said... like Mr. Cash and wear all black. Lights off at intersections.

Comments in this post are not meant to condone bandit night riding.

ExtrmTao said...

The problem lies in the fact that the forest has to have an employee present at the park while there are visitors there. Thus if you propose keeping the park open until 10, you must have someone "working" until 10. Try a petition, use Paris Mountain as a case study in "how night riding worked." It can happen.