Monday, February 11, 2008


Race #4 of the stxc series played out something like this. SS class had some 20+ racerss with a few new faces but the top racers of the field were all ready to go. The race started as usual the Kenda team occupied the front line, all to just get in the way. As for me I just elbowed my way up into 7th place or so for the first few laps. A new face from Brevard College showed how fast a 20 year old college kid can be on a ss bike. Falling early to recover and slide by the top 5 riders and build a led. As for myself, the race lacked something. I've yet to put my finger on it. Still having some allergy problems from this past week. The 29er was creaking really bad and my tire pressure was a touch high. What ever it was I suffered for the full 45 minute race. Pulling up to the leaders all to have it vanish with some pesky lap traffic. Seemed to be a problem every lap or so. So I managed a 5th place.

Next Saturday is the final and it seems a double points race.

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