Monday, February 18, 2008


Saturday was the series finale of the stxc series. On the bubble of breaking into the top five. It was possible but my competitors had to finish back in the field. Looking around all the lead guys showed. It would be impossible to jump up a spot or two. Main goal for today was to redeem myself from the awful race a week ago. I wanted to win!

Started out fast, between 5 or 6 guys at the front. We opened a large gap on the chasers. I put in several good pulls. Just wanted to contribute to the cause. I believe it was 4 riders by the final ten minutes. With 2 laps to go Timmy floored it. Eric the series leader was letting gaps form and I couldn't take it anymore. A missed opportunity to take second into the woods on the last lap hurt me. A gap formed going into the final single climb.

Timmy was on the gas again and when I finally got out of the woods he was making another turn. "Damn Gotta Go" so I gassed it hoping to close the gap. The final 200 meters, has a short grass climb then a grass approach to a short concrete curve and finish line. Timmy had 15m on me by the climb and by the line he had 13" on me. Yes closed the gap almost, I just couldn't see myself crashing both of us for the win. So I'll settle for 2nd place.

It still was not enough points to help me in the overall. I had a blast and plan to hit all 5 races next year in SS class. Now it's time to switch to endurance mode.

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ExtrmTao said...

Nice work on 2cnd. I am also switching to endurance mode now. . .