Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Night

Yet another night ride in Cola town with some HBW folks. With rain in the forecast for Friday, I had to knock out some quality. My usual commuting buddy had other plans so I was going solo. Made it over to the dam in time to meet 4 others (Paul, Dennis, Manny & Tim). The riverwalk was packed with people. That's what happens when it's 70* in early March.
We started out on the normal route up to Elmwood Cemetary, then to the parking garage on Marion St. From here the fellows gave me the lead. I love dragging these folks around town in the dark. Of course I'm going to hit every dirt/gravel road I can find. Random landmarks USC, Sarge Frye Stadium, Olympia, Olympia Mill, Congaree Riverfront, Cayce Riverfront & West Columbia Riverwalk. Split off from the group and headed over toward some hills. Hit up Westover Acres. So not bad for 2:45~35mi. Good thing because there will be no riding today. Crossing my fingers for more riding this weekend.

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