Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cashing in to be Cashed out

A little late to post on a weekend ride, but here goes it. I cashed in some honey-do credits this past Saturday for a day trip to Pisgah. After a few missed opportunities to hang with some like minded SS freaks, I desperately wanted to climb some mountains with one gear. Early to rise and head North on I-26 all to be the first in the Sycamore Cove parking lot.
A delay start due to a te-kill-a hangover by our ride organizer. At a social pace for the most part heading up Grassy Roads to Sycamore Cove. GR & SC to me brings back some great memories of my first Pisgah experience. If memory serves me right these were the first trails I ever rode in Pisgah. Not 100% on our route for I was high on excitement. It went something like a purge into North Slope (open seasonal) back up Grassy Road then up Black Mountain. The group went from 6 to 4 rider at this point. I believe this dropped us out on Maxwell Cove to Clawhammer. This is were the fuzziness starts. Somehow Buckhorn was involved and another accent up Black Mtn for the North side. Once our rag tag crew of 4 made the Black mtn lookout. It's been a long time since I've seen this view so clear. With the high pressure in the air the views were awesome - ridge after ridge one could see for many miles. Every time I close my eyes I still see that mountain range. Makes for a great soul cleanser. From here to the car all down hill for my first beer in three & half weeks. Then a refuel at the El Banditos in Brevard and drive 2.5 hours back to W. Cola. Gas is getting expensive but time like these makes it worth the price. Cashed out from the ride, what a great time.

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