Monday, March 17, 2008


Friday was the end to a long work week, and I needed to reward myself with a quality ride. So I gave the road bike a once over and headed South. No real plan just a direction in hopes it would just work it's self into a decent ride. So it's 1pm on a Friday and most of the roads are in good shape as traffic goes. Navigating the back roads of Southern Lexington County. About two hours into the wind or cross wind. Turned around in Swansea and doubled back, hoping to the wind would give me a push home. Now with the tailwind the speed picks up a touch. Traffic was picking up but never nerve racking. Made for a pleasant 3:30 hour (57mi) ride and a great start to the weekend.

Saturday, meet up with Monty, Damon and Clint for an 8am ride at Harbison. Plan was to knock out a 4hr ride. First trail was Lost Creek and our group of four split. The World Cup warm-up Monty & Damon put down was not working for Clint & I. A regrouping at the trail head and back on course we go. We all headed down to Stewartship Trail, Gravel Road Loop and Spider Woman.

This for me is were is ride took a abrupt turn for the worst. I managed to get a touch out of control and lost my front wheel. The wheel slid off the shoulder and tossed me like a rag doll. The only thing I really remember is landing on my face. Stunned I try to stand and immediately have sit back down. Dizzy and confused of what actually happened. My chest was hurting and it was painful to breath.

Luckily I had three good friends around to recall what happened. Monty was on point at the time but Damon was following me and saw every. This is a section of the trail that doubles back on itself around a ditch, and Clint was coming up the other side. He also saw the whole thing. With there recounts of the incident I was able to put the pieces together. Front wheel broke off the shoulder OTB for me. An oak tree stopped the bike not sure how I missed this tree. I landed face first about 8-10ft. from the tree, flipped into a seated position and slid to a stop. All I remember of this is the impact and my neck cracking. You know the kind a popping when you crack a stiff neck or back.

A few minutes pass and I collect myself and slowly make our way down the trail. The rest of the ride was slow for me. Tightness in my chest mostly on my right side and a headache. I figured it was just bruising and to solider on. I managed another hour and a half before the end of the ride. Back at the front lot talking to Monty about the ride, I was looking at my helmet and noticed a crack on the front left. This happened to be the side I remember landing on. The helmet showed other signs of impact with dirt and a green scuff.

Now back at home I had to tell my wife that I crashed and landed on my head. This happens to be the second time in less than a week I've crashed and landed head first. Just last Sunday while riding the railroad tracks looking for an old trail system. My front wheel was kicked sideways and I ran into the rail. OTB and head first into the gravel rail bed. Rattled and scrapped but I was OK.

Worried that this might be a worse crash I alerted her to watch me for a while. Nervous moments for me as ate my lunch a splitting headache and blurred vision on my right side. Contemplated go to the ER, went to Web MD instead. Looking for a home remedy for a concussion. Iced the lump on my forehead and laid down. The headache went on for the rest of the night. Sunday I awoke to a very sore right side and clear vision.

Damage report:
Bruised right hip
Bruised and very sore rib cage
Sore Neck and Back
Sore Right Shoulder
Small Knot on forehead
A cracked Giro E2 helmet


biot said...

i thought those 29" wheels rolled over anything and everything.


get well soon, toby.

too bad riding is not an option for us...with 3' of snow on the ground still. gotta get out early before the snow turns to slush with the spring temperatures. at least the slednecks have packed down a few trails in the canyons behind our house.

ExtrmTao said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you going to be all healed up for a big ride in the mountains this weekend?

Get in touch.

spokejunky said...

{smack} {smack} go to the Doc for some cognition tests, dude. You know J would be all over you if she knew you didn't go to the doc. Go HERE for some info on recommendations and follow up. I'll give you a day and then I'm going to put the wife on you.

Clint said...

Dang T! You must has smacked the ground as hard as it looked like you hit it. You got up-close-and-personal with Digger the Gopher Cam there. I sure hope you get recovered quickly. Keep us posted.