Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Ride

Yes, another attempt at a new group ride. With the time change and the days are getting longer. I called out to a few folks about a weekly ride in the dirt at Harbison. The front lot was swarming with bikers & hikers at around 5:45, a good sign that the trails were in good shape. I knew Monty was already out on the trail and few others were possibly going to show.

Meet up with Monty out on Spider Woman and rolled back up Midlands Mtn to the front lot. All to see Damon and his new Kermit Green Niner. This was the madien voyage. Kermit is the replacement for Tang that blew off the truck on I-20 2 months ago. So the three of us waited till 6:35 and bolted.

Not sure how I always make into the point position leading the way. I think we hit Fire Break > Gravel Loop > Stewardship > Spider Woman > Crooked Pine > Midlands Mtn > Front Lot. Short ride but it's a start to the weekly attempt of getting friend together to ride. Just think in a month this ride will be in the 2hr range.

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