Monday, September 14, 2009

Tangled Web

So my quest to run some greater distances has over taken me. The weekly group runs out at Harbison have started to take it's toll on me mentally. The same loop every week and now I've jumped up to the two lap group. So now it's 17mi of the same ol same ol bumps and humps. So I had a great idea of making the trip to Lynch's for a Friday afternoon run.

Inspired by the Ultra Run at Lynch's over the Memorial Day weekend. The trails had to be in decent shape after 50+ runners made three trip through the forest. This would help with navigating the trail. With the exception on the many limbs and trees that has fallen along the way. The trails was in really good shape. The hidden nemesis of the trail were the spider webs. I've never been through more in my life. It seemed if every 30-50 step you were pulling another mask of web from your face.

First lap went by with a lot to think about. Do I have a spider on me? Between that and what would I order at Wendy's after this run was over. No real problems at all. Stopped by the car to rehydrate then off on another lap. About 10 min into lap two I began to wonder about the frosty that would meet my tummy later when I tripped on a root and tumbled into a patch of Poison Ivy . Son-of-bee-i, luckily the creek was close to go and make an attempt to wash it off. Back to the trail another 40 minutes pass then another lapse in concentration I stumble into yet another patch of p.i. Off to another creek I go to wash up.

This was probably the down slide of my enthusiasm for the remainder of the run. Between the waves of intense itching and the though of a spider somewhere on my person was really freaking me out. Exit strategy would soon play out. A quick exit to the road and then a slow jog back to the car. It was a good time alone in the woods, and soon I will return. It's hard to pass up something different within a convenient drive. Ended with 13mi in 2:30


xcmtnbikeracer said...

I could not run a mile right now! I'm impressed with the milage u r getting in.

The Silver Dog said...

I like your posts, you need to write more often.

The Silver Dog said...

I like the photography of the fungus too!