Sunday, September 27, 2009

Something Old > Something New

This is mainly proof that I still do own bikes and yet still do on occasions ride them.
So Jaime here you go I made it out for a pleasant hour on Sunday. Made it out to Old State Rd. to see if it was under water or if the reds have destroyed it. The rain water has receded but the reds are working on destroying the only kickin' dirt road in the metro area.

In other news, a first attempt at a new hobby. Flying R/C planes. Bro-in-law has gotten me all fired up on the hobby. He introduced me to the world of cheap builds. PDF file + Blue Core Insulation + hand me down parts + time = a steep learning curve. Picture below is the direct effect of nose first to the ground. Good thing it's easy to cut the parts off and build another.

Now the new fleet has been built. First test flight on Friday and it made it home in one piece. This would be only the second time this has happened.

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