Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pique the Soul

So I've tossed my hat into the fire so to speak. Yes, the endurance season is in full swing. It seems that there is an event most every weekend in the months of April & May. PMBAR is in one month. Damn that dose not seem right but it is very true.

This piqued my soul for riding and decided to hit it hard this weekend. A three day block of turning the legs over in hopes of some good fitness. So with the rain this past week I was in running mode early. Able to knock out two quality runs. Totaled 12.5 mi in 1:43, and felt good on both runs.

The rain as fully saturated Harbison for sure. So Friday was a multi surface ride. Headed down south of town, mostly Lexington and Calhoun counties. A flat route but with the wind the flats grew harder and harder. It figures, I would pick a route that headed into the wind for the first half. Then at the turn around. The wind becomes a cross wind. Guess this is the way the Midwest folks hill train. Route has potential and worth exploring later.

Saturday, I headed down to Sumter to get in some single track. This place is great after the rains. The trail drains like no other in the Midlands. Surprise to not see many people out. One loop of single track. Then the exploring starts. After heading to the Palmetto Trail section, I dropped down to the abandoned rail bed and headed North. In exploring mode. The route heads out onto a network of red clay county roads. Mostly unmaintained and frequented by the local reds. Surprised to see the elevation ripples on these roads. Headed North for an hour then turned around. Trying to make a loop instead of an out and back. Totally lost the only hope I had was a vague memory of the map and the sun needs to be on my right. Some how ended up on the topside of the Campbell Pond Loop. So there is a loop option to CP. Give er a shot sometime.

Sunday, the body was not responding to the third day of riding. Luckily Mr. had promised he would ride with me at Mudison. The trails were still soupy in places. A fairly chill ride. Back to the front lot for a meeting of Team Hoffenchard. A big group turnned out to a big surprise. Locals and not so local alike. The vice was good and still totaly chill. Unfortantly I was runnin short on time. see it was my 6th wedding anniversery and I was already an hour after my promised arrival time. Factor in Toby time I was still to be very late.


Arleigh said...

I'll have a couple tents and the shop trailer out there if you boys want to set up with us.

Look for the Trek Bicycle Store tent and my fat ass!

KB said...

sunday's ride was fun, good to see you again! i hope your wife gave you a beating. i guess i have to look forward to late anniversary dates soon enough.

clay said...

pmbar is just a month away? i'd better draft a training plan or something!

Palmetto Solo said...

Clay - Training is umm..... I really don't know. I'm banking on my will to keep pace with you and mental my ability to filter the pain into happier thoughts.