Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's now the eve of the eve to PMBAR. With not much time to spare.
It's now time to prepare my ride for the date with pain.

The chores were mounting.
- Clean the mold from the hydration bladder.
- Clean out creaky EBB
- Change over to a gear more suitable for the hills.
- Install front suspension, dial it in a touch.
- Work out some nutrition issues.
- Ride with a hydration pack loaded to the top.

A new trick to simulate suffering in the hills with a loaded pack.
- A full clean bladder
- All the mandatory tools on checklist
- A grocery bag with 4 pounds of rocks from the back yard.
- Load the pack and ride

It's more mental than physical - let's hope.

1 comment:

The Silver Dog said...

You are not right...a grocery bag with 4 lbs of rocks. You should have put Holly in the backpack