Thursday, April 02, 2009

It was the 1st day of Spring

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?
Some sights and sounds from last weeks surveying adventure, or just another day at work. Lots of stuff going on at this site. Many busy bees buzzing about. As the Queen bees drive around to inspect progress on their hive. Speaking of bees or lets say yellow jackets.

While occupying this point on site, just on the edge of a pine grove. I began to look around the area. Noticed one lone stake stuck in the pines. Funny that looks out of place. A closer inspection would reveal "WARNING YELLOW JACKETS". Then a some Spanish jibberish.
Fiddle Sticks the first day of Spring and I may have to bust out the Epipen. Yes, I walked in close enough to snap this shot. My last anaphylaxis episode was about 400' to the South from this very point. Talk about dejavu. So I kept a close eye on the action and luckily they kept to themselves.


jpelton said...

Are you riding the Grind on the Green?
When and where you want to ride. I'm game!

Palmetto Solo said...

Yes, It'll be may PMBAR training ride. It seems to be the only way I'll go ride for over 2 hrs. Friday, Sat & Sun a.m.

The Silver Dog said...

Stay away from those little tick bastards too!