Sunday, February 01, 2009

Life in the Slow Lane

Things are moving a touch slow at this time. Still down from my crash last Sunday. My knee is feeling better after a week. Fearing unseen damage I took a precautionary step and made an appointment with an Sports Med Orthopedic Doctor. Doc examined x-rays of my knee and further assured me that there was no damage that would require any extensive medical procedure.
So the outcome was a bruised tibia tuberosity (the bony knot just below the knee) & patella tendon. Treatment is a leg immobilizer for a week. This will keep the tendon from stretching during normal movement during the day. So I've been walking like a peg leg pirate for a week. Plus the on and off ice treatment. The swelling has strarted to settle and the area is that yellowish tint. So for now I have to rest and wait another week to go back to the doc. From there hopefully he'll release me to start back with some activities.


spokejunky said...

I've got a couple of screws you can use if you need them. Right about the same place.

MM said...

Sorry about that man! I've had...1...2...3...4...5 (had to count scars) knee surgeries and can tell you that you don't want it!
(I left out the two ankle surgeries! F'ing lacrosse!)

The Silver Dog said...

So sad seeing u hobble around :(