Monday, January 26, 2009

Wipe Out

Race #2 of the Charlotte Short Track was greeted with pleasant weather and swelling numbers of racers ready to start 2009 early. The weather was cool with no chance of rain. After reevaluating my performance of last weeks race. I decided to chill out this week. By keeping the workouts low, only ran twice and zero riding. The zero riding was more procrastination than planned.

Feeling well rested from my easy week, the excitement of a strong race was filling. In my mind excitement for an event is one of the key ingredients for success in an event. The SS field was a healthy 22 strong. Playing off the excitement, I managed to hit the single track in the top 6. This was step one of the plan. Lap one down and still in contention. All is well flowing single track, following the lines of the racers ahead. Looked up to spot the trail ahead when my front wheel broke loose off the edge of the trail. Slammed to the ground. So fast I had no time to brace myself. Knee first into some roots. As the adrenalin surged and I clawed off the trail not able to stand. Managed to catch my breath and try to stand. Stretched my left leg out then my foot went numb. Unable to bear weight on the leg. Well shit this is not a good sign.

Now the entire SS group has passed then the ladies group passed. Struggling to make it out the woods. Somehow the pain eased when moving the leg in circles. I soft pedaled through the s/f area. Then back down towards the car. Weighing my options and trying to forget the swelling pain going on. Should I continue or the more intelligent thing would have been to stop. Whether pride or stupidity - one of them took over and I continued on. Managed to pick off 6 riders as I limped around the course for the remaining 30 minutes.

Shoulda coulda woulda if I had not wiped out on lap 2 of the race. Feeling better than last week momentum was on my side. Just goes to show shit happens. Did manage to finish the race in 16th of 22.


Nick said...

Sorry to hear about the spill. Good job beating a few folks on one cylinder! Give us an update on how you're recovering.

gabe said...

Toby you are a stud. Hope the leg heals up soon.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Damn, sorry about the wreck TP