Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wind vs Cyclist

Great opportunity to roll some pavement with like minded friends for a group road ride. A chance for me to explore an old favorite route. One which I haven't hit in a few years. Perfect that some friends wanted to go out for the adventure also.

Original plans were to attempt a Lake Loop. A committed route, one in which has zero bail out options. Alternate plans were to hit up Parr Reservoir Loop. One with an ample amount of route bail outs. A loop of pleasant roads and very low traffic. As the wind ripped through the DMV parking lot, blowing bikes over and whipping up sand storms. The decision for the a shorter route was a no brainier. An option welcomed by all.

Slow and steady would be the mantra of the day. As the wind constantly changed directions speed would not be the focus on the day. Staying upright on two wheels trumped that. The route would take us up Broad River road towards Hwy 34 . A rolling route that maybe had 3-4 cars pass in the 10 mile stretch. From here we doubled back on Graham rd heading South back towards Pomaria.

The stop in Pomaria was the decision making time. So the whole route or something modified? A round of hell yeahs on the modified loop it was. The wind was taking it's toll on half the group. From here we headed towards Little Mountain where some climbed the Tower and some choose not. Regrouped around Wash Lever still at a steady pace everyone was patient and stayed together. It's been a long time since I've ridden with folks who didn't have to compete with each other.

This ride made for my third ride in a row. Something that has not happened in over 6 months. I've kinda missed it. Kinda? I hope to keep this trend rolling. Verbally committing to the 6hr Grinding of the Greenway in April. Then PMBAR in May will be the big test of the Spring.


ExtrmTao said...

Yeah PMBAR!!!

Hit me up when you are ready for a "training" ride.

Palmetto Solo said...

Plans on FATS this weekend. Would like head up to DuPont sometime soon.

KB said...

Thanks for leading the ride! We would have lost our cue sheets in the wind if you weren't there. Also, thanks for being one of those non-competitive people and riding with me :)

Palmetto Solo said...

No Problemo

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

bah! did you ride fats? myrtle beach was fun. i gashed my forehead at a dollar general!