Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rollin' Tarmac

After 3 months without a road bike, finally able to complete my Raleigh build. Made it out for 50mi. of sunny skies and little traffic. Interesting route on Plat Springs to Ramblin into S. Congaree. Continue up Ramblin to Fish Hatchery to Bachman to 321 toOld Wire to 21. Plus a loop of 21 to Savant Hunt to Access to 21. Back in with Dixiana and 12th St. extension. A much needed ride with some distance and close to 3 hours in the saddle.

Hopefully the rain will get in get out tonight. Big ride planned tommorrow in Sumter - 50mi on the SS. Should be a good ride if the weather pans out.


MM said...

Damn son, that's a pale leg...

ExtrmTao said...


Rain's moving out, headed to Manchester soon. Call me.


ExtrmTao said...


Sorry about missin ya yesterday. I was on the bike at chester during your calls.

Do you still want to do the Burn as a 2 man team? I think I am down for it. Let me know. I might even try to put down the beer for this event if you want to get competitive.


jpelton said...

I am in for the Burn if you want to put together a blue team. I am sure we can get one or two others

ExtrmTao said...


Regarding tiger rag gearing:

That place is steep and I am not sure where the course runs. I imagine that 32X18 might have you walking in spots. I would try something a little easier if I were you. 19 or 20. Good luck!

Arleigh said...