Saturday, April 28, 2007


to riding single speed mountain bikes. Today was a 3hr ride out at Lynch's with Leroy, Brian & Clint. After laying a pallet of sod on Friday afternoon, I was whupped from this back breaking honey-do chore. Not sure how I would feel today I brought the geare bike out the garage. Holding true to the ss fashion I promised Leroy I would keep the shifrter quite. So about ten minutes in settled on 32x23. Finally made the creek crossing, and I even had an audience. A big step for this trail. No mechanicals and no crashes, this makes for an awesome ride. Looking forward to another mtb ride tommorrow in Manchester. That will be two days in a row.


ExtrmTao said...

Here is your chance if you really want to do the PMBAR.

jpelton said...

The Cinco de Marrington has been canceled due to lack of participation. Just in case you were planning to go.