Friday, July 29, 2011

Palmetto Trail: Peak To Pomaria Passage

Long over due, I made it out to a section of the Palmetto Trail. The Peak to Pomaria Passage to be exact. To be correct it's the Peak to Prosperity Passage. As of now only phase 1 is completed. So the plan was to run an out-n-back along the 6.5mi route. The trail is 90% shaded with exception to a noon days sun. With a 2% maximum grade, one way up and the other down. The run started at the Alston TH. The route is up to Pomaria (:59) then turn around for the return trip down to Peak (:57). Overall it was a peaceful run. Plenty of spiderwebs and the the rail ballast is the major challenge. This route would be a great option for a MTB route in the future. Combined with some local dirt/gravel sections. So if you are local and looking for something different check it out.

Alson Trail Head Welcome Signage

Warning Signage, you should know where you are!

Converted Rail Trestle
Trestle View From Broad River

1 of 6 Board Walks

Typical Rail Trail

Typical Rail Ballast


Junk said...

Now all we have to do is figure out how to cut a trail down to the International University trails. Liking the nuclear plant sign. Very reassuring.

LifeScout said...

Hi! I work with the Palmetto Conservation Foundation and came across your blog today. Good stuff! I keep a blog about my adventures around SC, some on the Palmetto Trail. Please consider checking it out, I'd love to hear what you think!