Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monthly Update

Saluda Shoals Adventure Race (August 28) Saludas Shoals Park 3 person Co-Ed Team Cuz-O. Teaming up with my wife Erin and her cousin Jeannie. This would be my first attempt at an Adventure Race.

Staring off with a 2 mile trail run - 1 mile canoe paddle in the upper Saluda. Very low water level. So I had to get out and push the rapid sections. Oh and the paddle was upstream. Ending with a 5 mile mtb ride on some very tame trails.

USMC Mud Run (Sept. 25) Teaming up with Damon, Toby S. & Todd to take on the 4+ mile obstacle course. Wow what a fun adventure. The course would be a good trail run by itself. Add in 30+ obstacles and got yourself a muddy good time. All in all we did well. It totally took me back to playing at my folks house as a kid. Playing in the mud and running through the woods.

*all photos credit to Patrick and Denny

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