Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver Fox 5k Trail Run

More like speed work in disguise. It's just so hard to turn down a local trail race. So why not.

Located in Saluda Shoals Park. A nice river trail running along the upper Saluda River. The race is a Dutch Fork XC fund raiser. That means some super fast youngsters were toeing the line. As for this youngster there was really no telling, first run all week. After recovering from last weekends quad crusher. Overall the race went well. Stayed at the door of the pain cave the whole time. Just never stepped in.
Fizzled out in the last half mile. Just couldn't catch the fella in front of me. At the same time didn't get passed either. It's the small victories that count. Then my favorite aspect of this park is the frosty dip in the upper Saluda. All worth it in the end.
22:53, 22 of 142 Overall, 2nd of 8 30-34 AG
Silver Fox 5k Trail Run


The Silver Dog said...

The new layout looks sharp!

Toby Porter said...

Thanks to the user friendly samples at blogger