Thursday, August 06, 2009

080609 Urban Treasures

Another hot few days in the urban jungle this week so far. Friday is that much closer. Often while out I stumble across some interesting finds. Exciting to top the usual condom wrapper and hair extensions. What some throw out often baffle me, or just what little fella you might run across.
Kenny this is for you! Perhaps you need some Usher's Confessions added to your ORAMM mix tape. Location: Fire Hydrant on the corner of Martel & E. Main St. (N33*58'40", W81*13'49"), Town of Lexington. You could totally swing by and pick it up on your commute home.
As for this little fella. Well he's probably hiding out by now. Shocked to see a possum in the middle of the day. E wanted this little fella for a pet. After he hissed at me several times I let him roll on.
Happy trail little fella.


The Silver Dog said...

That little fella would be in the lap of luxury right now if someone would have picked him up. He is too cute!

Palmetto Solo said...

Yeah at the price of my right hand. I could run my three remaining fingers through your hair. Lap of luxury my ass. That little fella would have become a chew toy by nights end.

The Silver Dog said...

I bet Daisy would have learned to love him!

spokejunky said...

Wando found one of those in the backyard...she was trying to herd it back into the fence...not smart cornering one of those things.